This book by Common Craft founder Lee LeFever is a simple guide to turning complex ideas into easy-to-understand explanations. Learn the strategies that. The Art of Explanation is for business people, educators and influencers who “Chief Explainer” Lee LeFever with his book The Art of Explanation: Making. Lee LeFever. Art Explanation Lee LeFever is the co-founder of Common Craft and author of The Art of Explanation. Since , Common Craft.

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The Art of Explanation: Making your Ideas, Products, and Services Easier to Understand

We want conflict and characters. Refresh and try again. Read it and thank me later!

Leaders who are preparing to lead a change initiative, for example, can use a great explanation to help calm the initial tide of employee fears that often accompany a new direction. Explanatioon the way, I wondered if the process would work. People just don’t see the big idea – and it’s keeping you from being successful.

Your idea has an explanation problem. Your reviews will encourage me and will help other people to find the podcast. Oct 01, Ken rated it liked it. A must read book for everyone! Your guide to becoming an explanation specialist. May 06, Manel Pique rated it really liked it Shelves: In most cases, developing context can be a simple matter of making a few declarative statements.

What do great explainers have in lre Its online videos have been viewed more than 50 million times. The Art of Explanation: My particular complaint is that the author consistently, in word and deed, underestimates the danger of ignoring and annoying more knowledgeable audience members on any topic. Explaining is a big part of my job, to be sure, so I may know more than a lot of others who don’t often have to explain complicated things, but that’s exactly why I bought a book on explaining in the first place.


One of the things that interested me about this book was the concept that explaining is a skill.

Dec 18, Stephen rated it really lefeger it Shelves: Mar 23, Susan rated it really liked it. Apr 22, Heath Lympaney rated it liked it Shelves: Dec 22, Jonathan rated it really liked it.

The Art of Explanation – Making Your Ideas, Products and Services Easier to Understand

Jul 29, Greg rated it it was ok. You will learn explannation LeFever provides one of the most original communication books to come along in recent memory. Getting this essential information without having to spend years of trial-and-error to develop it is a benefit that needs no explanation. Which, yet again, is not to say that this book was worthless. If you have an idea, product or service you want to entice people with or simply explain it in an effective way, this is the book for you.

Official Website – The Art of Explanation, a book by Lee LeFever

I find the illustrations helpful, especially the visual aid of the A-Z scale of understanding and the objective of helping others progress along that scale. Metaphors are figures of speech that connect two unlike things to highlight a point. The Art of Explanation is for business people, educators and influencers who want to improve their explanation skills and start solving explanation problems.

I really love this book. One must understand and believe in that which is explained. The Art of Explanation is your invitation to become an explanation specialist and see why explanation is now a fundamental skill for professionals. Like any skill, your ability to help people understand the world around them can be improved. LeFever’s company, CommonCraft, started with the task of explaining technical developments or products to non-technical people.


A must-read for communicators, or anyone who has to explain information, concepts or presents. Author Lee LeFever is the founder of Common Craft, a company known around the world for making complex ideas easy to understand through short animated videos.

There are ten people in a room. Feb 23, Jason rated it it was amazing. By following this process and finding that you can’t explain something is a good sign that, perhaps, underlying understandings or beliefs need to change.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Skip links Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer. You will learn to: I think if I was new to this space, and if you are, then it would be helpful.

Feb 11, Dmitry Kuriakov rated it it was ok Shelves: LeFever is the co-founder of Common Craft, a company frequently mentioned as one of the originators of the leefver explanation industry. Oct 28, Drew rated it really liked it.

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I actually went through LeFeve’s explaining process, step-by-step, to explain a major point I was attempting to explain to a group of religious educators. As the author points out, we tend to take explanations for granted, but once you read a few chapters, you look at things a little differently especially PowerPoint slides. Play in new window Download Duration: The Art of Explanation: Added to Your Shopping Cart.

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