This page contains information about the Owners Manual for the PC1X from Kurzweil Music Systems. This page contains information about the PC1 Series User Guide for the PC1X from Kurzweil Music Systems. Contact the nearest Kurzweil office listed below to locate your local Kurzweil unit’s weight (about 50 pounds for a PC1X, 23 pounds for a PC). If you are.

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Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time. Michael I downloaded that PC2 made Easy doc. Bass reflex port is located on rear panel, as well as 2 pairs of internally mixed stereo RCA jack connectors Line A inputs feature kurzwejl boost of 9 dB at 10 kHz, Line B inputs are flat.

Is there a way to quickly adjust the volume balance between the split sounds? Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. It provides voice, dynamically allocated polyphony, 16 character LCD with front-panel contrast adjust, 16 multitimbral parts one per MIDI channel and factory presets taken from the acclaimed PC3 sound set, including select KB3 organs and KVA synths.

Ye s – Education Mode: Conclusions The PC1X is basic and yet thoroughly professional. As said before, when you create the autosplit and set the manuall to the way you want them, it can be saved as a Setup.

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The stand also features a soft handle and rugged wheels. If you choose to buy them now, you’ll save money and time as well plus there is no need to deal with it later. The price is now Euros musicstorekoeln. If you go beyond that zone in either direction, the sound is both unconvincing and unplayable.


KB76 Soft gig bag for Kurzweil keyboard or piano models with 76 keys, made of tear- resistant fabric with extra thick padding that protects the instrument from the demands of gigging. It is lighter than a Yamaha, Korg or Roland, and even significantly lighter than it’s more developed sister, the PC2x. Spinet-stye cabinet available in simulated kruzweil or white finishes, featuring a 30 Watt, 2-speaker, stereo sound system, built-in music stand and slide-out fallboard.

MIDI controller features include a pitch ribbon, modulation slider, 1 front panel knob, 1 switch-pedal input supports optional, dual-pedal and 1 continuous control pedal input.

Some of them also show up here, so keep monitoring your thread here. This was a terrible engineering oversight. I downloaded the manual previously, but the only volume adjustment I saw in there was to go manuxl Edit Mode, work down to Midi Receive and scroll to Volume.

Be the first to review this item. So the sounds are not on top of technology, and remain for me the sounds of old gnration Your Kurzweil dealer stocks the following optional pedals: So he excels neither purely pianistic TB or TB purely organistic, but it is not bad for all.

Enjoy playing along with your favorite pre-recorded backing tracks to enhance your piano performances. There are no reviews to display.

You are not logged in. This gig bag is compatible with these Kurzweil models: Add to your Watched Users. I’d like to set up my PC1X to send program changes, too. I could have bought either,but opted for the PC1X because I flat-out loved the performance of the keyboard. The manual is big and complete, although not always easy for this technophobe to understand. I can do this easily with an AlesisQ88, or my most excellent KorgNano.

Truly unique compared to the roland, korg or yamaha’s. I tried playing with the knobs, but they had no control over the volume. It is a note keyboard with one developed in partnership with Steinway.


My set includes several Japanese machines and I must admit that the PC1x sounds better than the whole. It really seems that the PC1X’s action sucks as badly as an old Fender Rhodes suitcase piano when using any of the Rhodes patches. Its mwnual set, which encompasses everything from the traditional to the cutting edge, has been widely acknowledged as second to none. However, it is by far the best keyboard digital piano to reach the market. However, if you are a kurzwei trained Steinway fan, you might not appreciate the lighter action as much as I do.

Strings are a mixed bag.

Kurzweil Music Systems – PC1X – Owners Manual

Product comes in Simulated Rosewood finish. It seems to me that at the half of the announced price becomes very interesting compared Yamaha P and consort. This is one reason and as a master controller. It is this that we can find better. Its metal body amnual covered with thick black urethane bumper, and the long-frame design large rubberized footprint and substantial weight prevents sliding on most surfaces.

But, I can always find one that matches the room I am playing in well. For kyrzweil price, chpeau! Each setup contains four zones that can cover any part of the keyboard, or overlap across the entire keyboard.

Add to my manuals Add.

Keyboard and Controllers There are two PC1 models. It is quite clear, it may be lack of illustrations, but there always comes

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