Bursting with drama, heartbreak and horror, this extraordinary family portrait mirrors China’s century of turbulence. Chang’s grandmother, Yu-fang, had her feet. Jung Chang, the bestselling author of Wild Swans tells Sabine Durrant why Wild Swans, in which years of Chinese history is told through the eyes of three The Empress Dowager Cixi with her daughters, circa Few books have ever had such an impact as Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China. Since its first publication it has been published in 37 languages and sold.

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I have been enlightened as an idealistic citizen that humans are fallible, that there is no such Utopia in a modern world. Views Read Edit View history. Were individual or political considerations more important in choosing a mate? China Gender Women news.

One last question that does remain to be answered: The novel chronicles the journey of three women, but perhaps most importantly, China.

Her book dsughters what the title itself suggests, about three daughters of China, but it is only and only about the three daughters of China and I was expecting it to be a little more than that.

Wild Swans : Three Daughters of China

Surely they must have rowed occasionally? It arouses all the emotions, such as pity and terror, that great tragedy is supposed to evoke, and also a complex mixture of admiration, despair and delight at seeing a luminous intelligence directed at the heart of darkness. In addition, I just don’t like to read “sad” books, an We bought this book before a trip to Beijing inbut Amazon was particularly slow with their delivery and it arrived just a couple of days before our departure.

The book won two awards: Wild Swans is an intensely compelling read — moving, unsettling and unforgettable.


Jung Chang interview: why I’m still banned in China

Three Daughters of China 5 stars 19 24 Mar 18, How did labeling individuals as “counterrevolutionaries” affect families? Three Daughters of China. Does she think this might be her first book to be published there?

To ask other readers questions daubhters Wild Swansplease sign up. Its Flamingo edition has pages. The Best Books of View all 4 comments. For that, and only for that, one might say that this is not perfect and should therefore receive a less than perfect rating. Three Daughters of China 5 stars.

My husband began reading the book on the plane and even though the book is banned in China, our bags weren’t searched so our copy made it into the country without any problembut didn’t finish it until well after we’d returned home. He dug himself into the Russian archive, while Chang made several return trips to China.

I laid it aside many times. Such a privileged position allows the author to grow up and receive an education during the s in the midst of much social upheaval.

I could sum the book up by saying it’s the greatest ode to courage and resilience ever written, or that it’s one of those rare books which make you despair of humanity and then go a long way to Wild Swans may well be the most depressing book I’ve ever read.

Wild Swans – Wikipedia

People ot as Jin were not just wealthy owners of land, but had wielded absolute and arbituary power, which they indulged in willfully, over the lives of the local population. Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation. This article is about the book by Jung Chang.

It wasn’t just a popular success appealing mainly to women as is sometimes sniffily assumedit was also acclaimed by literary heavyweights such as Martin Amis and JG Ballard. It’s overwhelming just to read of the sufferings she and her generation struggled through. I live in such an “easy” world, with freedoms I don’t even consider being thankful for.


Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China – Jung Chang 張戎/张戎

Kiranmai Bhamidi It is a tome. The only way to understand real freedom is to get to know life when it is taken away – and almost always by the very same people who used the idea chinaa win them over to a new dispensation.

Jan 20, Margitte rated it it was amazing Shelves: Despite the great length and heavy subject matter, this book is an easy read It was swanz method designed and used by Stalin a few decades earlier in Russia, and part of the Communist modus operandi to establish their complete control.

Eventually she married a much older doctor Dr. To this day, I vividly remember the horror I uung when I read the long section about the Cultural Revolution.

During the Cultural Revolution, ignorance was glorified even in universities and beautiful artefacts destroyed; the family were expelled from the official compound and sent to live in rooms in an old mansion: So she wrote this in an English which is just enough to communicate.

The best thing anyone can do is to show Mao in his full idiocy to the masses. Her manicured nails are as shiny as oyster-shells, but she fidgets a lot, folding the skirt of the dress over and over, and smoothing the buttons.

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