Looking for online definition of cementifying fibroma in the Medical Dictionary? cementifying fibroma explanation free. What is cementifying fibroma? Meaning of . The term “cementifying fibroma” was originally applied to the lesion of the mandibular incisor teeth now referred to as “periapical cemental dysplasia” ( Pindborg. Cemento-ossifying fibroma (COF) are rare, benign neoplasms that usually arise from the mandible or maxilla. They most often arise from the tooth bearing areas .

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Central cementifying fibroma of maxilla

Page views in A thin radiolucent line representing a fibrous capsule may separate it from fibromw bone. They are usually small but can become large. Radiographic evaluation showed the presence of a lesion extending throughout the maxillary right toberousity and right canine.

Discussion Maxillofacial fibro-osseous lesions comprise a group of face and jaw disorders which are characterised cementjfying replacement of normal bone by benign connective tissue matrix with varying amounts of mineralised substances.

Central cementoossifying fibroma of the maxillary sinus: Support Center Support Center. Open in a separate window. It was bony hard in consistency, and tender along the mental nerve region.


Ear Nose Throat J. Central cementifying fobroma, fibro-osseous lesions, ossifying fibroma, radiology. Computed tomography CT scan showed expansion of the buccal and lingual cortical plates of the mandible [ Figure 3 ].

This is reported commonly in women in the mandibular region but in this paper we summarise the clinical presentation of this rare entity in a fibtoma patient in the posterior maxillary region along with a review of literature.

Received Feb; Accepted Jun.

Surgical enucleation with curettage of the lesion of the patient mentioned in this case report. Shope rabbit fibroma a transmissible disease of rabbits caused by a poxvirus found only in the tumors. Pernick N Ossifying fibroma. The margins of the lesion appeared to be well-defined. J Oral Pathol Med. The cemento-ossifying fibroma is classified as a fibro-osseous lesion of the jaws. Case report in a young patient.

Support Center Support Center. Japanese Soc Oral Maxillofac Radiol ; A year-old man was referred to the department of oral and of maxillofacial radiology of dentistry school of Isfahan medical fibroam university. Firoma, they are identified in children, in which case they are a more aggressive variant and are known as juvenile aggressive cemento-ossifying fibromas discussed separately 3,5. Ameloblastoma occurs in the posterior part of the mandible, multilocular appearance and it may cause paraesthesia of lip.


Histological typing of odontogenic tumours. Bilateral cemento ossifying fibroma of mandible. Textbook of oral pathology.

A case of cemento-ossifying fibroma involving the left mandible is described in a 35 year old female patient. Case 3 Case 3.

Pathology Outlines – Ossifying fibroma

Discussion Cemento – cementifyimg fibroma is a benign fibro-osseous- tumor. J Clin Exp Dent. Earlier, it was classified as two different entities depending upon whether the bone ossifying fibroma or cementum cementifying fibroma forms the major calcified product. Called also fibroid and fibroid tumor. A Clinical photograph of extraoral facial profile of the patient.

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