Unfortunately this brings Aladdin into contact with Abanazar, the evil Sorcerer. His journey takes him to a magic cave of jewels, where Abanazar talks to Aladdin . Aladdin. by Tommy Donbavand. You have permission to change any aspect of this script to suit your needs. However, the reselling. This very original and funny script provides all the necessary ingredients for a Aladdin had all the ingredients for a fun-filled and entertaining pantomime.

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There is a lot of flexibility available in the casting: However, all the scripts on this site are copyrighted. Featured in musical numbers as desired. Single set panhomime simple or complex as you wish. Lyrics and sheet music to six songs supplied with the Producer’s Copy. Aladdin comes to the rescue and they all live happily ever after. Lyrics to three songs included in the script, all other songs at the discretion of the producer.

All the scripts described below can be read in full on the Lazy Bee Scripts web site click on the titles.

The plot fairly cracks along with a mixture of comic set pieces and spectacular FX. Aladdin [Version 3] by tlc Creative Best Seller. Sing Along With Wong and Pong! Click here to find out what other customers said about this script. But the old fashioned way is so much more fun.


A new look at the old favourite, intended for an all female cast. British pantomime – jokes, physical comedy, audience participation and mayhem. Chorus size variable at Producer’s discretion. Dame assumed to be played by Male, Principal boy by Female.

Normally, of course, by that stage all the jokes have worn a bit thin! However, not your pantojime funny script!! An Aladdin pantomime written for a girl’s school, though easily adaptable for a mix gender cast. Aladdin [Version 5] by Dave Jeanes.

Spotlight Pantomime Scripts – Aladdin

The good Slave of the Magic Ring. Throw in a magic carpet, a mystical Slave of the Ring, the Emperor of China, a beautiful princess and a couple of inept police officers and you have all the ingredients for a fantastic tale and great entertainment.

Mum, look what he did!

dcript Finally Aladdin and his family track down Ethelazar and the Princess is saved. Aladdin [Version 10] by Rachel Harries. Unfortunately this brings Aladdin into contact with Abanazar, the evil Sorcerer. If you’re ready to embark upon an unforgettable journey into the Land of the Magic Lamp, let this “in-genie-ous” script make your wish come true!


From the very start it took you by the heart and led you through the very funny, warm, energetic and touching adventures of Aladdin.

Aladdin Pantomime Script by Alan P Frayn, Stage Right Creative Ltd

He obtains a magic lamp through the services of evil magician Abanazer, becomes very rich aladdn marries the Princess. I am a great fan of these scripts which are well constructed, with good humour, and a nice line up of characters, groups cannot go wrong with one of his scripts.

All the well- known Aladdin characters have fun and laughter a-plenty, as good defeats evil and love conquers all. Strong characters pantomimme dynamic hero, hissable villain, camp genie, henpecked emperor, etc. Well I would like an I-pad. He strikes lucky, with a lamp and a genie, but he has to contend with the wicked Abanaza. Ethelazar, Aladdin’s cousin offers him riches if he helps her.

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