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If you are reading this article, then embarked on the path of steroids for the first time. Remember, a beautiful relief muscles athletes? A luxurious body bodybuilders? To achieve such a result helped the drugs drugs called anabolic steroids. Of course, before the athletes tried to obtain a beautiful shape and body composition without steroids, but today – when the bar of achievement increases – without them it is almost impossible, because there is a genetic peak, for which we will not be able to go, even if we 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to drag the bar. Help can only on steroids.

What is Steroids

Anabolic steroids are drugs that mimic the male sex hormone testosterone. Acting on muscles, they contribute to accelerated protein synthesis. As a result, we can see the muscle hypertrophy that is so necessary to athletes. All products of this action are divided into anabolics and androgens. Androgens are steroids, which make appearance of good courage, and anabolics help to increase body mass. Apply the use of anabolic steroids began in the late 19th century. In 1934 he managed to get the first effective steroid. In 1939 the creators of the chemical formula of testosterone even received the Nobel prize.

In sports the use of anabolic steroids have infiltrated in 1938. There is evidence that Adolf Hitler himself had used anabolic steroids to increase stamina and muscle mass. Today, the steroids and their anabolic properties are greatly improved, there were modifications of testosterone. Steroids have been used, including in medicine to treat burns, injuries, anaemia, diseases of the prostate. Since 1976, steroids are banned in sports. Anabolic steroids come in injectable, tablets, solutions, gels, energy drinks and other types. Drugs are usually fat-soluble, rapidly absorbed.

How do Steroids Work

Why the need for steroids? In order to gain muscle mass, improve physical performance, increase strength, endurance, achieve the effect that you cannot get some training. Anabolic steroids work within the body as peptides. They penetrate into the blood and there interact with different cells, triggering a chemical reaction. Then a chemical reaction reaches parts of the brain to activate various processes. So is protein synthesis, which depends on the growth of muscle tissue and the formation of muscular mass. If you draw a diagram, you can see that the following happens:

  • starts protein synthesis;
  • reduced recovery;
  • reduced cortisol;
  • accelerates metabolic reactions.

Effects of Steroids

All effects can be divided into anabolic and androgenic. To anabolic drugs include muscle growth, strength, endurance, performance. This increases the number of red blood cells, strengthens bones, and fat becomes less. To androgenic effects is education muscle stimulation, active emission of seed, increased growth of body hair. Athletes try to use the courses below were obtained only anabolic effects. As a rule, androgenic effects are not complaining, and women and do try not to take such drugs. Buying steroid notice anabolic index – this index demonstrates the balance between androgenic and anabolic effects.

Taking anabolics, you need to be ready to other effects. For example, can increase appetite. Other drugs can and does to reduce. Androgenic drugs affect the mind, increase self-esteem and communication skills. The choice of steroids depends on the goals of the athlete and his physical qualities. It is important that the selection of drugs and preparation of a course on the ground or drying was done only be experienced professionals, like uncle Farmaci.

Side Effects of Steroids

To take anabolics is not always safe is the need to understand. Enforcement of dosages can protect against side effects. Otherwise, athletes will have to face the irritability. This effect is called “roid rage”. Can also increase blood pressure, popping pimples, blackheads. The athlete could face a high libido and fluid retention. In some cases, the steroids cause the growth of female Breasts is due to the fact that the drugs may contain estrogens. Women, by contrast, is able to become muscular. To prevent side effects, you need to follow certain rules.

We recommends to never exceed the dose recommended by the specialist. Also do not combine anabolic steroids. They can be combined only in the course and only the rules. The use of anabolic steroids is prohibited to people under 25 years, as well as women. Women are recommended a safe steroid plant-based. The inclusion of the rate of recovery of drugs and amino acids helps protect against side effects. After the use of anabolics, you must go to recovery by using drugs which reduce toxic influence on the liver and other organs.