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Product Description

Andriol Testocaps unlike other steroids is in itself quite young. To produce it began in the 80-ies of the last century, and from that time he became actively used by many bodybuilders. I must say that Andriol is a revolutionary product because it is the best oral anadolic steroid on the basis of testosterone. In itself the use of testosterone in its pure form will not lead to any effect, because, once in the stomach, it immediately begins to disintegrate and be reclaimed in the liver. This anabolic steroid is the main active ingredient is Testosterone Undecanoate, which is absorbed by the body bypassing the liver and entering directly into the lymphatic system. Therefore, Andriol Testocaps positioned as testosterone containing oral anabolic steroid.

Feature of Andriol Testocaps is its quick excretion from the body. Therefore, this drug suitable for pre-contest practice problems with doping control will not. The main side effects are increased blood pressure and accumulation of water in muscle tissue.

Andriol Testocaps Bodybuilding Dosage

To date, Andriol Testocaps is the best oral steroid for athletes that take anabolic steroids in small doses. It is also a great alternative to injecting steroids, the acceptability of which can be very heavy. Approximate daily dosage is 240-280 mg, dose reduction practically will not bring any anabolic effect. Andriol be taken with food, swallowed without chewing and washed down with a small amount of water. Half the daily dose preferably in the morning to and the other half in the evening. Another advantage of Andriol Testocaps is its good tolerability and the possibility of combination with other medications, such as for example Deca Durabolin. It gives a noticeable gain in muscle mass and increase strength. Generally speaking, Andriol today has the status of steroid for lovers or for those, who take care of their health and doesn’t want to start taking an injectable androgenic drugs.

Acute toxicity of testosterone is not expressed. Overdose Andriol Testocaps can cause gastrointestinal distress in connection with the content of castor oil. Treatment: gastric lavage, symptomatic treatment.

Andriol Testocaps Side Effects

Andriol Testocaps side effects on the liver is not observed, since absorption by the body it is carried out without its participation. Andriol does not possess a strong fragrance, almost has no property to convert into estrogen, so the athlete use it to a lesser extent pronounced feminization (the development of gynecomastia and fat accumulation are almost there). That is why this drug – an alternative to injecting chemical steroids, which most athletes experience some problems. In addition, the use of Andriol Testocaps does not affect the production of its own hormones that it is a definite plus. Naturally, all this takes place only with proper dosage. Uncontrolled intake of this steroid can cause the opposite effect.

In conclusion, we note again that there are no safe steroids. They will sooner or later lead to serious damage to organs and body systems. If you dearly their health, then never start to take chemical drugs, no matter what anyone said and no matter what the performance promised. Be a man and don’t bother with the conventions. The result, made by hand, far more valuable than artificial, valid only until, until you take a “chemistry”. Think with your head.

Bodybuilders warn that too long Andriol Testocaps consumption leads to increased number of erections, reduced ejaculate volume, and problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

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