Mantra with English sub-titles Mantra Pushpam Yajur Veda Chant for Self- awareness MANTRA PUSHPAM VEDIO TEXT IN SANSKRITTELUGUENGLISH. Mantra पुष्पं comes under the Taittiriya Aranyaka part of the Krishna Yajurveda. This is recited in temples towards the end of Puja ritual and. Om Namo Narayanaya!! THE BEST WAY TO LEARN ANY SUKTAM ON THE GO “VEDHA PATASHALA SERIES” From this version, the app is now fully.

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Serious readers would surely ponder deeply at the hint in the mentioning of a “raft” in the paragraph “Samvastaro Va Apamayatanam Can I make a topic hidden or private? How to grow my audience and develop my traffic? Sign up to comment. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Because the experiences are there, Brahman is termed here as the witness consciousness. Its ultimate knowledge to me. Without a detailed explanation like this I would not have understood the meaning thank you once again Like Like.

Veda Geetha Foundation, San Diego

December 22, 5: The store- room for all the information of the world gathered through senses is the mind. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fire goes on consuming more and more experiences and suffers because of delusion. Mind alone experiences the bliss.


Learn more about the different existing integrations and their benefits.

Knowledge alone destroys the delusion, like light destroying the darkness; like the ghost vanishing when reasoned properly. So, Water is the support of Moon.

Moonlight is actually the reflected light of the Sun and is conscious of the sensations because of the witness-consciousness, supporting it. I have immense faith in reciting Manthra Pushpam at the end of every auspicious function.

This contact principle alone causes the experiences to unfold. Cloud alone pours down as waters. Sorry — I do not have a good posting on Mahishasura Mardini.

Mind is the flower or knowledge one gains out of the waters namely experiences. Paperback gms pages; Code: Learn how your comment data is processed. Thank you very much for the information. Moon is of the nature of waxing and waning.

This one — the fire! Though rain-drops are separate, the downpour gives an illusion of continuity.

Vedic Books

Namaste sir I am really grateful to you for posting the detailed meaning. Not only will it drive traffic and leads through your content, but it will help show your expertise with your followers.


Without this essence of consciousness, nothing can be experienced by anybody. The one who witnesses forgets his real Self which is the supporting principle for all experiences and establishes that he is made up of this experiences. Ramakrishna Math Mumbai Binding: A direct translation is un-intelligible but thanks to the power of the internet, I found a deeper meaning captured beautifully in another site http: Mind also is of the nature of waxing and waning.

It is conscious of the sensations because of the witness-consciousness, supporting it. Mind wavers between happiness to sorrows.

RATNASRI’sHINDU SEVASAMAJ: Mantra Pushpam – Telugu Lyrics

Thank you for sharing this. He who knows the support of Moon becomes endowed with the support. Mind comes into existence to gain the experiences.

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