In order to make a living, Witold Lutoslawski (who, at 28, had already established got lost during the Warsaw uprising, but the Paganini variations survived and. Sheet Music – £ – The full score for Witold Lutoslawski’s ‘Paganini Variations ‘, For Solo Piano And Orchestra. Rescored from Variations For Two Pianos. An Analysis of Witold Lutoslawski’s “Variations on a Theme by Paganini” for Two Pianos and an. Original Composition “Concerto for Two Pianos and Orchestra”.

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The variations themselves are simultaneously etude -like, which is a source of not only their expressional, but also purely articulative contrast in the types of motion and various formulas of pianistic technique, such as pizzicatotremolothe use of parallel chords, passages, scales, glissandos, and other devices. Experience the Digital Stage. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This work brought international recognition, the annual ZKP prize and the International Rostrum of Composers prize in UNT College of Music.

Witold Lutosławski – Wikipedia

The tempos of the movements are fast-slow-fast. The entire piece includes quotations of Taiwanese folk tunes. Blumenthal introduced on November 18,with Brian Priestman conducting the pgaanini Florida Philharmonic of Miami, was no mere transcription.

The dissertation is divided into two parts. Inthe climate of musical oppression drove his friend Andrzej Panufnik to defect to the United Kingdom. In this way, the random elements within compositionally controlled limits defined by the term aleatory are carefully directed by the composer, who controls the architecture and harmonic progression of the piece precisely.

As to luoslawski harmony, the piece naturally relies on the A minor original, in relation to which the chordal textures, not having much in common with major-minor tonality, become a type of atonal and purely timbre-oriented variation that imbues the entire work with an almost piquant flavour. His diploma for composition was awarded by the same institution in I am not working to get many ‘fans’ for myself; I do not want to convince, I want to find.


His style demonstrates a wide range of rich atmospheric textures. Program Information Past Commissions Apply.

Witold Lutosławski

This artistic censorship, which ultimately came from Stalin personally, was to some degree prevalent over the whole Eastern blocand was reinforced by the Zhdanov decree. Concert for Piano and Wind Instruments. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. Board of Directors National Trustees.

At number 7, the conductor gives a cue to the flutes, celesta and percussionist, who then play their parts in their own time, without any attempt to synchronise with the other instrumentalists.

Although he was the slowest of twentieth century Poland’s stellar composers to develop, Lutoslawski proved to be the most distinctive, most individual, least manneristic, ultimately the greatest of his countrymen after Chopin — this in the terminal 35 years of his long life. Although Paganini’s theme was written for solo violin, Lutoslawski makes his version extremely contrapuntal by incorporating canon both strict and inversion between and within piano parts.

Polyharmony often occurs between the two keyboards but tonality remains a clear force with frequent traditional dominant-tonic cadences. The kaleidoscopic orchestra includes four horns, three each of trumpets and trombones, tuba, tubular lutoslawsi, and other wood and metal percussion instruments plus harp — all of them adding spice to the composer’s voluptuous sonorities.

Variations on a theme of Paganini, for piano & orchestra

Graphic analyses illustrate the way dynamics shape the entire piece. His early works were influenced by Polish folk music. Together with his friend and fellow composer Andrzej PanufnikLutoslawski formed a piano duo, performing a repertoire that lytoslawski many new arrangements of well-known classic works.


In he received the Ernst von Siemens Music Prize. In he received the Order of the Builders of People’s Poland. Viewing the compositions for string orchestra in this perspective is a valuable exercise. Music at North Texas, He had, a few weeks before, been awarded Poland’s highest honour, the Order of the White Eagle only the second person to receive this since the collapse of communism in Poland—the first had been Pope John Paul Vaariations.

The LaSalle Quartet, however, specifically lutoslwski a score from which to prepare for the first performance.

In some cases, folk music is unrecognisable as such without careful analysis, for example, in the Concerto for Orchestra. During the German occupation of Poland, Polish cultural life went underground. Blumental gave the first performance of the new version in Miami on 18 November with Brian Priestman conducting the Florida Philharmonic Orchestra.

Log In Log In. Chain 2 was written for Anne-Sophie Mutter commissioned by Paul Sacherand for Mutter he also orchestrated his slightly earlier Partita for violin and lutoslaeski, providing a new linking Interlude, so that when played together the Partita, Interlude and Chain 2 form his longest work.

Rhythmically, Lutoslawski follows the original version, but introduces some syncopations and off beat accents. Retrieved from ” https: Back Plan Your Trip. This “refrain” from numbers 8 to 9 recurs throughout the movement, slightly altered each time, but always played by double-reed instruments which do not play elsewhere in the movement: It also uses aleatoric processes, in which the rhythmic coordination ,utoslawski parts is subject to an element of chance.

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