The Cave of the Ancients – (Originally published in ) A small glimpse into past history of the Earth and its inhabitants who hid highly technical equipment. Lobsang Rampa is the pen name of an author who wrote books with paranormal and occult . Doctor from Lhasa (); The Rampa Story (); Cave of the Ancients (); Living with the Lama (); You Forever (); Wisdom of the . First a short introduction for the reader who dont know the Rampa story. He Lobsang Rampa – had long time ago – in many earlier incarnations – been prepared.

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Slowly, stiffly, I disentangled myself from the scaffolding stillas and slowly descended to the ground.

The Cave Of The Ancients

Gradually I recovered my strength until at last I was able with my attendant to descend the mountain to reside again at Chakpori. Hell is here, on this world. I wandered off to where a small square platform of about three feet wide, with guard rails, rested on the ground.

As I turned in to the interior I marvelled at the contrast; a lama was lighting a fire with flint and tinder, igniting some dried yak dung which we had brought for that purpose. However, I was so bemused that I kept on running and so was not late, not too late, after all. The aura is merely a corona discharge of the body, of the life force. Up the steep rock face we climbed, with showers of small stones raining down upon us. Their religion became as an opiate sovemiddel and drugged them into spiritual laziness; they lived only for the next life, and so their arts and crafts fell into disuse.

Not papers, but a thw His works are highly imaginative and fictional in nature. My Guide, the Lama Mingyar Dondup, pointed to a fresh rock scar.

Beyond the windows the mountain ranges of the Himalayas stand firm as the backbone of the Earth. A shadowy figure materialised almost at the extreme limit of my vision. Only when one has evolved to the appropriate stage can one accept this tye I shall now tell you. Life there bored me, for I was not learning.


cave ot the ancients

Was that a God? Therefore you reason ancirnts the wall exists as a solid that nothing can penetrate. Refresh and try again. First I suffered from hallucinations, imagining that I saw streaks and bands of light.

Lama Lobsang Rampa of Tibet, he determined after one month of inquiries, was none other than Cyril Henry Hoskin, a native of Plympton, Devonshire, the son of the village plumber and a high school dropout. We made our surprisingly slow way to the Temple.

At last it reached a wondrous parkland, dotted with immense buildings at one of which he stopped, here the Soul that had been Old Seng entered and made his way across a gleaming floor. We jerked upright with shock. I sedately followed my own course.

The cave in which I now found myself was spacious, with a roof invisible in the darkness above. Lists with This Book. Bravery consists not of dying but in living in face of hardship, in face of suffering. The next instant I almost died of shock; the platform gave a little tremor and rose high into the cafe. The telepathic voice faded out, the picture screen turned black. He received a reply from the Dalai Lama’s deputy secretary stating “I wish to inform you that we do not place credence in the books written by the so-called Dr.

He was as alarmed as I. It took me some time to recover after he continued, ‘Yes, we will change our name by Deed Poll. In the pictures before us we saw ranting priests – as now – purveying their own brand of salvation. These people poison their soul, they make further progress impossible for them until they have shed all the false knowledge and become as a little child. There came the blare of trumpets, and the Lama Mingyar Dondup jumped to his feet, saying, “We must hurry, Lobsang, the Temple Service is about to commence, and His Holiness Himself will be there.

Many Tibetan monks of lama grade slept sitting up, as the regulations prescribe. Man also believes that there is no life on other worlds. There an ironic paragraph at the end of one of the early chapters about being careful what one reads; it’s not that the words are harmful but rather the thoughts stemming and generated by those words and ideas that can really jam one up!! Thankfully I changed my robe and hurried off.


I could listen to this for hours better than dull lessonwork! I know that I have a special task to do, and I became aware that it would be necessary to come to England for various reasons connected with it. The average man, Lobsang, who suddenly had access to forbidden knowledge, would react like this: I cannot see anything connecting me to my Overself!

Reluctantly I rose to my feet and said, “Respected sir, I have to go now. So we forged on, climbing up into the mountains. We are like water when on Earth, like steam when we pass over in ‘death’ and we condense again to water when we are reborn to this world once more. There is a definite relationship between our rate of vibration and that of our Overself.

Out of the blue came his remark toward the end of – – sitting quietly for some time, he startled me by suddenly saying, ‘I am going to change my name. Far away the eternal Himalayas stretched rock-fingers skywards as if in supplication to the Gods of the Ranpa.

Cave of the Ancients by Tuesday Lobsang Rampa

Visit our Cage Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. Great gashes flenger of newly exposed rock glared at us in the bright sunlight. Upon a narrow ledge hylle perhaps five hundred feet m from the valley, I lay stretched out, gasping for breath. Later from page 53 – his Guide the Lama Mingyar Dondup says:

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