The long-awaited reissue of the first part of the classic spy trilogy, HOOK, LINE and SINKER, when the Berlin Wall divided not just a city but a world. Working for . The long-awaited reissue of the first part of the classic spy trilogy, HOOK, LINE and SINKER, when the Berlin Wall divided not just a city but a The long-awaited reissue of the second part of the classic spy trilogy, HOOK, LINE and SINKER, when the Berlin Wall divided not just a city but a

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Spy Hook by Len Deighton () | Books & Boots

First off, this is not an action book. I have an American published version of this book, unfortunately not with the nice cover of the English series incorrect cover shown in Goodreads I was amused to see the American publishers had gone through the text to change some English words to English for the illiterate aka, American.

Via old contacts the narrator realises Champion is active again, but working for Arabs who are planning some kind of attack on Israel and which the narrator must foil. Aug 24, Geof rated it really liked it.

An excellent continuation of the saga. I already hate the guy. Bernard Samson of MI6 nver knows when to let well enough alone. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Deighton is great fun. Actually, I would even suggest to think each trilogy as one single book instead of three.

Aug 09, Beatrijs added it Shelves: Brian Samson was with the American troops tracking them down, but it was those soldiers zpy shot the escaping brothers. No matter where I went or what I did, Berlin would always be home for me.


Spy Hook by Len Deighton (1988)

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Samson spends the novel looking for the truth hoook the missing money and being threatened at every turn, until finally having to flee before he’s locked up. I’ve given it 3 stars but the way the book ends I’ve been left with a feeling of great anticipation and excitement and optimism about the next book being even better, with intrigue more reminiscent of the first series.

If one read the trilogy of Berlin Game, Mexico set and London game this introduces an interest twist to that story line. And Deighton has this annoying manner of presenting his characters as clowns, jokes, with seighton attempts at humor.

This article about a spy novel of the s is a stub. It provides vital background information about nearly all of the characters who appear in the Bernard Samson novels, deithton is really part of that series. But our Teflon hero survives and laughs it all off with his boss. They say you can read one of the books alone without reading the series, but it didn’t seem like it to me. I expect I will have to order more after these to continue the saga.

Lots of ghosts sly out of the woodwork for this one. Forced to flee from the clutches deightn London Central, Bernard then asks himself a simple question about Fiona: The airplane is standing still on the runway. I think I should have read the first 3 first but very readable. I know that sounds like someone walked into his office with a case, like he’s a PI, but in reality Bernard is a spook, of sorts, and he’s just curious as wpy what happened to the money, especially because it may involve deiighton wife, and it certainly seems to involve a good friend of his in the Department.

  IDT 7130 PDF

My father had been Resident long ago… and Berlin held all my happy childhood recollections. And it is on this bombshell, this cliffhanger, that the novel ends. When word gets to London Central that a cache of millions of pounds has disappeared inside the Service, Samson is determined to learn the truth.

Return to Book Page. Learn how your comment data is processed. Mercifully, the stuff carried over from the last book about sidekick Werner Volkman and his younger wife is kept to a relative minimum, or this book could’ve been re-titled “Trophy Wives. The newly prominent Deputy DG, Sir Percy Babcock, is a successful barrister, brought in to run things better description on page Bernard Samson is 43 but he moans a lot.

The Deighton Dossier

When he meets with an old friend and former colleague in Washington Dieghton. The airplane picks up speed on the runway but doesn’t take off. Deighton left Hook in Samson is just screwing things up for the good guys, meaning we should be rooting for him to fail. We see Bernard chatting to other characters over pub lunches, at dinner parties, in pool halls, in hotel rooms; he pokes at hotel food, airplane food, dinner party food, pub food.

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