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Fat embolism was produced by the intravenous injection of mixture of oleic acid and J labelled triolein, 1.

Calam̩o РAkdeniz

Successful operation in hospital. There is much theory as to the cause and each theory has its equivalant in relation to treatment. The femoral head was sawn into 5 mm thick disks by a thin band saw blade, vertical to the neck.

Apres l’examen clinique on conclut qu’il s’agit d’hematome pulsatif de la carotide commune gauche et on aborda immediatement l’operation. All the patients were satisfied with their shoulders and were able to do everything they wanted with that upper extremity. Congenital club foot constitutes a major part of congenital deformities in general and arttroplasti foot deformities in particular.

Le greffe osseux avait ete employee par divers chirurgiens mais c’etaitent des greffes ordinaire, morte, d’autogene ou d’homogene. L’arteriographie dans des cas d’hematome pulsative n’est pas indispensable, car elle ne nous donne pas un image precise de la voluminasite et reabilitasyonu comportement de l’hematome.

The patients were satisfied with their hands. With bony operations piaster of Paris casts are maintained until radiologicar union is apparent at the site of operation.

One was athetoid with no improvement due to athetosis, and the other was spastic with no obvious improvement. Dans la technique operatoire nous avons toulours employe le surjet continue, dons les avantages sont indemnes, car une suture bien posee, apres une rehabilitayonu reetablie, est toujours adequate rehabklitasyonu egalement poussee, et une hemorragie sur place de la suture est beaucoup moins grave q. Unfortunately, the word”decompressive” laminectomy is widely used.


Hans Mau Kalz This is much lees than that reported by most workers because limitation of external rotation is not a principle in this technique. Dans le groupe dit chronic se trouvent! When one looks at both hips in a unilateral presthetic case, the wldth of the articular cartilage on the presthetic side should be half of that on the normal side.

Psychology schacter gilbert wegner ebook

We attribute the few slight and transient changes in the radiographic appearance of the femoral heads to remodelling due to a shift of the point of hydrostatic pressure within the ossification center after the directi’on of the forces transmitted through the hip joint has changed after reduction.

Compare limitation of external rotation. Major inluries, and deaths therefrom, are increasing throughout the world because of space exploration, wide open highways, superjet airplanes, and hi’ghly mechanized industry. In both dislocation was fully established at birth and the severse contracture of the adductors could not be overcome conservatively.

The osteoperiosteal flap of the carpus is then laid over the graft. Osteoporosis within eight years allowed upward migration of acetabulum.

Psychology schacter gilbert wegner ebook

There were no redislocations in the congenital and teratological cases and no other postoperative Reconstruction des couches, sutures de la peau. Advantages of using the fibula are accessibility, mechanical advantage of a proper size graft of great strenght, and its excellent osteogenic potential.


Our cases, therefore do artroplati a negative selection of relativeIy old and problematic cases In this situation a diminished growth potential of the acetabular root can be assumed and the postoperative development of the acetabulum cannot be taken as a measure of success of the operation.

Le signe de pulsatian est visible si l’hematome est petit. Contrairement a cette greffe morte, la greffe pediculee est tres riche en circulation et elle est bien vivante, elle est assez solide parcequ’il est mi-spongieux et mi-cortical.

Perthes procedure as used in combination with radial head excision and repair of coft tissue defect. Prosthesis inserted fifteen yearsago for slipping of Smith-Petersen nail in fractured ,neck of femur. Erturan Aras Turkey In the past two decades the anterior approach to the cervical vertebrae has been a popular intervantion in some centers. In the treatment ot excessive hemorrage. Ability to extend the wrist and to maintain it artroplastu extension is fundamental to the effective use of the fingers.

However in order to da so one must know how resistent the spongious part of the femoral head and neck is against the screw tension. The di’stal radioulnar ‘joint is left intact.

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