A balanced and very readable account of China’s metamorphosis from Maoism into the workshop of the world. China Shakes the World is an excellent book. Buy China Shakes The World: The Rise of a Hungry Nation: The Rise of the Hungry Nation by James Kynge (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. China Shakes The World: The Rise of a Hungry Nation eBook: James Kynge: : Kindle Store.

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On the other hand, I also have a deeper understanding of why European and American companies are outsour I learned a lot from this book, though I am not certain whether that is due to its inherent informational powers, or to my total blank slate of ignorance about the topic. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. So what are the facts?

See answer four above.

I tend to agree with your general point. In fact, I do see China being able to make this transition, though I agree with you that it will not be easy.

View Full Version of PW. They also see the continuing tensions around Taiwan, between China and Japan, and the growing strategic kyngr between the US and China in the Asia-Pacific. China Shakes the World: The idea is that when China arrives at the point of becoming a global super power or at least a force to be reckoned with that it its presence will penetrate to the far reaches of the global community, like that of the United States has done in the past few decades.

Book ratings by Goodreads. What makes this book special is its approach to the subject, focusing on the effect of China’s rise on other countries and other peoples. Antwoorden hierop vind je in Kynge’s boek, dat niet alleen de economische kanten, maar ook de religieuze, politieke, mames en ecologische belicht.


China Shakes the World : A Titan’s Rise and Troubled Future–And the Challenge for America

Can you give your opinion about IPR non protection in China. I felt compelled, disgusted, proud, in turn, yet in ways that are interesting if perhaps not quite unexpected — rather, I feel like Kynge’s writing so neatly synthesizes and brings to life a lot of what I already subsconsciously gleaned about China from years of living in Singapore that red dot some mistake as part of Chinathat I find myself reacting in vaguely famil This review will probably say more about the reviewer me than about the book most reviews probably do, if less blatantly.

Kynge shows China’s weaknesses – its environmental pollution, its crisis in social trust, its weak financial system and the faltering institutions of its governments – which are poised to have disruptive effects on the world.

The author details the historical conte I’m giving this three stars because I liked it, not because I didn’t think it deserved more. Kynge uses good macroeconomic and geopolitical arguments to bring a bird-eye, crystal-clear view of China’s impact in the global economy. Chinese companies routinely stole foreign intellectual property, but it was difficult to prosecute them because the courts were either corrupt or under government control. Products will arrive at European and North American ports and airports and go directly to stores.

: China Shakes The World: The Rise of a Hungry Nation eBook: James Kynge: Kindle Store

You put your finger on wkrld issue that will help define the way the world works. And perhaps that is unavoidable: Of course, China is entitled to seek oil supply security.

Kynge’s style is very fluid and easy to read and after only a few pages you are unable to stop reading. Hoe speelt het land het klaar om – hoewel afscheid genomen van het communistisch stelse – toch centraal geleid te worden? Although China is already a palpable force in the world, its re-emergence is only just starting to be felt.


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Thus, the above phrase — disregard for human life is endemic — can be turned around, to the equal statement: Written by the former China bureau chief of the Financial Times, this book is filled with well researched information. Jun 08, Todd Stockslager rated it really liked it Shelves: China is hungry for learning alsoand Kynge does speak about the expansion of its universities, and the opportunities given for Chinese to learn abroad.

Companies Show more Companies links. Even if the country’s gross domestic product one day becomes as large as that of the US, simple mathematics ordains that its people at that time will on average be only one-sixth as wealthy as Americans. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. There’s a problem loading this menu right now.

I am not normally interested in reading business books but decided to buy this as it looked fairly short, easy to read, and I needed to understand more about what all the “China-phobia” was all about at that stage of my life. Due to the rise of the Chinese tiger many states hold a great unease or fear for Beijing.

Westerners continually clamoring to explain China’s geopolitical role fascinate kyngee even more. Kynge’s description of how the Chinese took the mill apart, dangling from walkways 60 meter above the ground without safety harnesses and completing the job months earlier than planned, is spellbinding. Herein lies a challenge for the rest of the world. China’s geopolitical role fascinates me.

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