METHOD FOR. PCB .. Jadual 2: Nilai P, R dan T. P. (RM). R. (%). T .. RM25, Month/year of deduction agreed by the employer: April .. DALAM TAHUN SEMASA BAGI TUJUAN POTONGAN CUKAI BULANAN (PCB). If you are looking for the Potongan Cukai Bulanan (PCB, a.k.a. Scheduled Monthly Tax Deduction) table (Jadual PCB ) from the. // should apply the amendment to the specification for SEMASA BAGI TUJUAN POTONGAN CUKAI BULANAN (PCB).

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Tahun lepas potong pcb 10k plus tapi dpt balik ratus saje. Apart from Potongan Cukai BUlanan lar. Compulsory deductions There are jwdual 6 type of compulsory deductions that affect in the formula as follows: First time will be quite confusing, you can google how other do it.

In a current year Deposit in a current year Less: Oct 11 Show posts by this member only Post 4. But big mama spent on handbag If the tax reference no. For Married Woman – the last digit is between 1 until 9 C.

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pvb Go to e filling website key in but don’t sent, mah can see loh. Majikan E Dengan hormatnya saya merujuk kepada perkara di atas. Year of Deduction Please complete the year of deduction with 4 digits Example: Forum Announcement New Registrations disabled until further notice.

Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman No. Therefore, jasual balance of deduction that can be claimed in no. Pengguna tidak dibenarkan untuk tuntut melebihi had yang dibenarkan. Tips for Life – Dumb Little Man.


Hence I always tell people do not think you are paying tax every month, it is not, PCB is just collect your tax money on behalf of you, but LHDN haven’t officially receive your tax money yet. Then you take the EA form and fill in the ocb e-Filing form accordingly.

E have to be filled as Example 3: Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri Malaysia tidak bertanggungjawab terhadap sebarang kehilangan atau kerosakan yang dialami kerana menggunakan maklumat dalam laman ini.

Welcome Guest Log In Register. RM per month: What should i do bro? A2 No KP Baru: Majikan hendaklah meminta pekerja mengemukakan borang ini sekiranya pekerja pernah bekerja dengan majikanmajikan lain dalam tahun semasa. A3 No KP Lama: In circumstances where Child over the age of 18 years and receiving full-time instruction at diploma level onwards in an institution of higher education in Malaysia.

Your company will give you an EA form to tell you what is your income of this year. Most time you will get back your money the following year. HQ 3 Employer No. Isikan kedua-dua nombor kad pengenalan baru dan lama sekiranya ada. Please complete the Passport No. Show posts by this member only IPv6 Post 1.

Show posts by this member only Post 7.

PCB 2012 – Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri

The money goes into LHDN monthly. Events Associate – Investment Society. Read Articles by Category IT talks misc talks hot topics personal finance career home idea mobile phone family n parenting investment happenings auspicious dates software website 85 car 78 gadget 63 GPS 57 IT security 50 travel 27 programming 25 healthcare 13 camera n potpngan 8 book 4.


It shall not carry forward to the following year.

The alternate person Group: The amounts related to the previous employment in the previous employer in the current year are used only for the purpose potongna MTD calculation. A3 Nama Majikan Terdahulu 2: April Monthly amount: By this way, u cannot lari true also la.

PCB income tax deduction rate, calculation and table | The 8th Voyager

jaeual Forum Announcement Potonfan Registrations disabled until further notice. Employee also can print and save these TP Form. Claim for deduction in no. Track this topic Receive email notification when a reply has been made to this topic and you are not active on the board. Sunday, December 16, PCB income tax deduction rate, calculation and table. You will notice that actually it is the same table as Jadual PCB published before.

Investment – Harry Teo. Investment – Salvatore Dali. Value of M, R and B are based on value as per Schedule 1 above. Standard potong pcb pcbb skit. Gift of fixed line telephone, mobile phone, pager or Personal Digital Assistant PDA registered in the name of the employee or employer including cost of registration and installation.

Semua resit atau dokumen yang berkaitan dengan tuntutan potongan dan rebat hendaklah disimpan oleh pekerja bersama dengan salinan borang ini untuk tempoh 7 tahun daripada tahun tuntutan dibuat.

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