Read about Indological Approach of Study of Modernization of Indian Tradition. Guide to Sociology Students. G. S. Ghurye and the Politics of Sociological Knowledge Naicker .. significance to a grand Indological conception of sacred, and indeed sacerdotal, values. scholars are like B.K. Sarkar, G.S. Ghurye, R.K. Mukherjee, K.M. Kapadia, Irawati Ghurye’s Indological Approach hovers around the study of Indian Culture.

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The following three editions recast to deal with additional aspects of the subject matter, appeared inand respectively. Civil and religious disabilities and privileges of different ghuryye 5. It is the beginning of Indology in India, which has been followed by several other scholars. Caste entered India by invasion of Aryans who to maintain self-sufficiency, exclusivity divided among themselves different kinds of work.

Available data in each of these fields are to be augmented by a great deal of honest and competent field work. Similar deity different names like Jagannath in Puri is Nathdwar in Rajasthan.

Indological or Textual Perspective of Sociology – Explained

Unlike his contemporaries he doesn’t glorify or condemn caste, rather he considers caste as a product of Indian culture, changing with indologj passage of time. T Hobhouse at London school of Economics; there he finds unsatisfied and moved to Cambridge University in ; Ghurye was deeply influenced by W.

Equality is enforced by political state 5. DOL was based on convenience and need, started with family ge genesis of caste system. Endogamy is regarded as key principle which maintains boundaries in caste. Madan, replacing Dumont and Pocock.


Ghurye, Louis Dumont, K.

Indological Approach of

When field studies in many areas of their interest in India became difficult, textual analysis, either of classics or ethics or field notes from an earlier data, represented a fruitful basis for continued analysis of Indian structure and tradition in the s and s Singh, Eg shift from Agriculture Industries Church School.

Ghurye views an urban planner must tackle the problems of sufficient supply of drinking water, human congestion, traffic congestion, regulation of public vehicles, insufficiency of railway transport in cities, erosion of trees, sound pollution, indiscriminate tree felling and plight of the pedestrians.

In this book he tried to analyses caste system through textual evidences and structural and cultural perspectives.

Agrarian social structure continued. Biography and Contribution to Sociology.

Hindu culture has local cultures as Kali, Shiva, Vaishnav indilogy 4. The knowledge of Sanskrit also helps to understand the great culture and philosophical tradition of India. He stressed on the role of the concepts of Dharma, Artha, Kamma and Moksha. These chapters largely descriptive and consider caste as it was in the s.

Indology demands inter-disciplinary, multi- disciplinary and cross disciplinary approach”.

People can marry within caste only. He argued that incorporation of Hindu values and norms into tribal life was positive step in process of tribal development.

Indological Approach of G.S.Ghurye

Therefore voluntarily they assimilate themselves within the folds of Hindu society. Colonial Policies and Tribes. Tribal Communities – Definitional Problems. People came together through 3. Perspectives on t’s study i. The Indological writings dealing with the Indian philosophy, art, and culture are reflected in the works of Indian scholars like A. Ghurye considers it as unfortunate that caste system is mostly understood in terms of Brahminic domination. Ghurye studies caste system from a historical, comparative and integrative perspective; later he did comparative study for kinship in Indo- European cultures.


Impact of modernity is complete as people cannot challenge state.

Notes for UPSC: Indology (G S Ghurye)

Order are aspects ghirye caste, religion village, tribe and urbanisation. Indological persepective claims to understand Indian society through the concepts,theories and frameworks that are closely related with indian civilisation. Hence their assimilation within.

When one indoligy into his personal life; Ghurye was born of Sarawat Brahmin community and according to his autobiography, his parents believed him to be an indoology of his grandfather who had lost his life in Kashi, in the holy Ganges in flood which as a philgrimage he was named after his grandfather Govind.

None of the various techniques can, by itself, lead to any valid conclusion about ancient India; combined empirical operations are indispensable Siddiqi,

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