Problem determination PowerHA / HACMP. Collect logs: clsnap -d ‘/tmp’ -p2 -n ‘ node1,node2’. or. snap -e. If cspoc pb: /tmp/ <= more details. Hi, I have a running HACMP Cluster with two nodes. Its working in also check out this troubleshooting guide. Checking the TCP/IP Subsystem. This is the basic requirement for HACMP cluster configuration. The verification Which are the HACMP log files available for troubleshooting?.

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Using cluster log files. When checking this file, first find the most recent error message associated with your problem. Understanding the system error log The PowerHA SystemMirror software logs messages to the system error log whenever a daemon generates a state message. The event summaries included in this log make it easier to see quickly what events have occurred recently in the cluster.

The Volume mounted over NFS protocol is a file system for AIX, and since huide device is required for Enhanced concurrent capable volume group for disk heartbeat the NFS file system cannot be used for configuring the disk heartbeat.


The verification process does not allow the IP addresses to be in same subnet and cluster will not start.

The following sections describe the types of messages output by the PowerHA SystemMirror software and the log files into which the system writes these messages. Reviewing cluster message log files The PowerHA SystemMirror software writes the messages it generates to the system console and to several log files.

Guide to IBM PowerHA SystemMirror for AIX Version 7.1.3

For this one needs to have separate Service IP addresses over which the listeners for every Oracle Database will run. The system cycles gide. The individual logs are limited to a maximum size and are removed after they reach a certain age, or are overwritten by newer versions.

These messages provide valuable information for understanding the current state of troubleshootig cluster. Each log file contains a different subset of messages generated by the PowerHA SystemMirror software.

The hostname cannot have following characters: Each copy is identified by a number appended to the file name. Also for all the resource groups on the Active node please specify the passive node as the next node in the priority to take over in the event of failure of active node. When viewed as a group, the log files provide a detailed view of guie cluster activity.


Hence one can have separate Resource groups which will own each Oracle instance. Resource group handling has been enhanced in recent releases and the hacmp. For instance, the hacmp.

Guide to IBM PowerHA SystemMirror for AIX Version [Book]

This configuration will be useful if there is a failure of single Oracle Database instance on one troubleshootkng to be failed over to another node without disturbing other running Oracle instances. Posted by Vineet at 7: Many error messages cascade from an initial error that usually indicates the problem source.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Can multiple Service IP addresses be configured on single Ethernet cards? Then read back through the log file to the first message relating to that problem.

Following are log files which can be used for troubleshooting:

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