This category is for Jedi holocrons. Great Holocron/Legends; Jedi holocron; Kanan Jarrus’ holocron; Tedryn Holocron; Asli Krimsan’s holocron; Great. The Great Jedi Holocron. 8 any), because kids go on their own, regardless, and a spiritual path is not something that is standing outside you allowing you to peer. This book was quite expansive, nearly pages. It is a training manual for the Jedi Realist and it includes journal posts from Jedi Websites.

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Jedi holocrons

Jedi Holocron Holocrons are ancient repositories of knowledge and wisdom that can only be accessed by those skilled in the Force. The Great Holocron also included discussions on the dark side of the Force and methods to resist its call. Topics included basic and advanced lightsaber construction methods, Galactic Republic history, philosophy, Sith historylightsaber combatand Jedi techniques. Please upgrade your browser to experience the site. A holofron library of Jedi knowledge and books on the quiet world where Master Ooroo trained holofron.

I see the contestants are making their way out onto the starting grid. Crime lord Grakkus the Hutt collected many Jedi artifacts after the Jedi Purgeincluding holocrons, which he stored in his palace on Nar Shaddaa. Jedi holocrons were Jedi artifacts used to store information and teachings of the Jedi Order. Retrieved from ” http: The more times you play, the smarter the artificial intelligence of the Jedi Holocron will become. It was this desire that led him to create a special, rare Holocron of his own personal knowledge.

Some holocrons contained Sith lore and secret teachings; to protect Jedi against the potential grwat of this information, access to this holocron vault was carefully controlled and limited to Jedi Masters. Within it was stored, not the memoirs of a long-lived Jedi Master, but a repository of his knowledge of discovered and theorized Force artifacts.

While the Great Holocron was designed to only reveal information that its user was prepared to encounter, inexperienced Padawans accessed the Great Holocron under the watchful eye of the Archives Director who stood ready to step in if the young Jedi was drawn in too far. In times when the need of combat arose, the Jedi Master was able to imbue jdei staff with the power of the Forcewhereupon the cane served the Krevaaki in lieu of a jeci.


Retrieved from ” https: Legends articles with canon counterparts. Not only was information on the Holocron lacking, but the potential artifacts discussed in the Holocron were catalogued over years ago making the possibility that some have been found or destroyed highly likely. It was really, really difficult. Sign In Don’t have an account? Whether it was a lack of the proper motivation, or simply being unable to decipher his clues, the Holocron of Antiquities was lost in time. Crystals capable of making ultraviolet blades are rare enough that certain Elders of the Brotherhood would handsomely reward anyone who could retrieve one for them.

This site does not work on your browser. Please upgrade your browser to experience the site. Thousands of years had passed since Odan-Urr had met his end and none since had been able to find the Holocron or had yolocron truly searched for it. The High Councilor of the Acolytes, a Gand named Jireceived the Holocron but was unable to solve the ancient riddles.

Revealed at Toy Fairthe Star Wars Science Jedi Holocron, which incorporates the popular artificial intelligence game of knowledge, 20Q, hplocron coming fall Fearing that the artifact could be lost, the Holocron was hidden in a secure location on New Tython that was hoped to remain unmolested by any Dark Jedi attackers.

During the course of the Order’s history, many Jedi contributed various scraps of information. Having heard tails of Odan-Urr’s Holocron, many of the young Jedi made a game out of seeking out that yolocron artifact during their free time, in hopes of earning favor with the Grand Master of the Order.

Still, many who know of the Holocron of Antiquities believe it geat holds valuable information on many of history’s greag lost treasures. However, Kun did not desire the Holocron of Antiquitiesit’s existence was still hidden from him, and only focused on unlocking the dark powers within the Dark Holocron.

The simple wooden quarterstaff used by the ancient Jedi Master Vodo-Siosk Baas was a unique artifact, offering more than physical support to the aged Jedi Master. Before he could fully investigate the mysterious device, rumors of an imminent attack by the Dark Jedi Brotherhood began to stir the populace of New Tython.


Tenth Great Jedi War competitions. Includes three different targets and a Jedi Training Rod with real static electricity generator inside.

The Great Jedi Holocron – By Adam Yaw – PDF Drive

hreat Bolla Ropal died rather than help Bane open the holocron he stole, but Anakin Skywalker was forced to assist the ruthless hunter. Countless years of erosion resulted in the Holocron’s cave being opened to the surface. Odan-Urr corresponded with Chu-Gon Dar while creating the Holocron of Antiquities, and the Holocron is suspected to contain these messages.

Odan-Urra being who lived for many centuries before the Great Sith Warwas known to have gathered and protected many antiquities throughout his long life. To penetrate the deepest mysteries, to obtain the most powerful secrets, one had to be gifted enough to understand the complexities holocorn Odan-Urr’s puzzles.

Millennia later, the Holocron remained hidden as Odan-Urr had left it, undisturbed deep in the heart of Ossus, which had been abandoned by the Jedi Order ages earlier. Jedi use them to record and preserve their teachings, creating a record for future generations seeking to understand the mysteries of the Force. When the Holocron holcron no darkness in him, it communicated its desire to be returned to its rightful master.

The fallen Jedi confronted the Jedi Master and Odan-Urr thought his worst fears were realized as Kun began to question him. It contained vast amounts of information that was accessible to any Force-sensitive being willing to open itself to the holocron, and Jedi trainees were encouraged to explore its contents. Following the rise of the Galactic Empirethe Great Holocron was lost, probably captured by the st Legion troopers in the assault on the Jedi Temple during Order

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