Ginbot 20 (May 28). IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER AND THE SON AND THE HOLY SPIRIT, ONE GOD. AMEN. On this day died the holy and just man Caleb. Ginbot 20 (May 28) marks the downfall of the Dictatorial Derg Regime by the struggle and sacrifice of the people led by the EPRDF for the last time. This 26th. Ethiopian resident communities in Somaliland celebrated on Thursday (May 28th ) the 24th year anniversary of. Ginbot (May) victory of the defeat of.

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Behold Thou, O God, and see what the impious infidel hath done to Thy flock, how he hath seized and slain the sons of Thy Church like sheep and goats, and hath burnt in fire the children of Thy Church; and moreover, he hath plundered the Church, and destroyed the children of Thy people and Thine inheritance.

That day was the start of ‘the New History of Ethiopia’ in terms of political, economic, social, cultural and other dimensions of history one can think up. Why is this particularly significant or different?

Solomon Tekalign – Ginbot 20

Tranquillity is absolutely essential as it pulls foreign direct investment needed to propel the development of the nation into a much higher terrain. Thousands have perished to make this period a reality but their sacrifices have not been in vain.

First, it is persistent – even unapologetic – in its recognition of diversity as the core of its foundation. Currently, our country has been well known and recognized as one of the few countries that have been showing continuous fast development worldwide.

Ethiopians were being oppressed by and passed through anti-democratic political systems that neglected diversity in language, religion and culture for ages.

On the other hand, the FDRE Constitution was an attempt to address the age old questions of Ethiopians for peace, democracy and development. After he assumed the garb of the monk, he fought a good fight, and he was appointed shepherd of the flock of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is the ‘cornerstone’ of the Constitution in that it lays down the ownership of the Constitution and the constitutional system. In what ways do federal ginbog and regional issues complement or supplement each other when it comes to legal constitutional issues?


Ethiopia’s effort to expand the space for freedom of press and expression. We publish news and views ranging from vigorous opponents of governments to government publications and spokespersons.

Ethiopia: Ginbot 20 Was the Start of ‘The New Historyof Ethiopia’ – Scholar –

This has in many occasions led to the use of extra-constitutional and violent means of change. Quick arrival of imported goods helps shop shelves stocked resulting in huge reduction in inflation. For most of these systems, the ‘identity’ basis for diversity is considered in the context of one or a few minority groups rather than a guiding principle.

Consequently, the aspirations of Ethiopians to build “a political community founded on the rul e of law and capable of ensuring a lasting peace, guaranteeing a democratic order” and advancing their economic and social development could not be achieved without due recognition to the right to self-determination. Successive governments have – instead of accommodating and resolving these questions – resorted the use of force to suppress and eliminate those who articulated the questions.

In addition to the participation of the then existing political organizations, it was subject to broad public consultation from its earliest stages. Consequently, the country is becoming sustainable investment centre and market place. We, the undersigne,call on the Ethiopian Airports Enterprise, to rename the Bahir Dar International Airport after Belay Zelleke, Ethiopia’s patriot and hero, who defended his Nation from a colonial invasion.

Of course, our arch enemies such Egypt, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, Article 19, International Rivers and minority Diaspora extremists have been conspiring to thwart the colossal progress of the last twenty years, with nothing to show for their futile efforts.

At this stage, we may need to be reminded that the coming into being of the Ethiopian federation started with Article 2 of the Transitional Charter which stipulated that “local and regional councils Practical examples of this phenomenon abound. In what ways is this a new phenomenon for the country?

  HCPL 7840 PDF

To contact the copyright holder directly for corrections — or for permission to republish or make other authorized use of this material, click here. While all other airports in regional towns and cities of Ethiopia has been named either by the names of the respective cities or by a national hero, Bahir Dar’s international airport, however, is named after “Ginbot 20” a day when the incumbent ruling party overthrew the previous regime through a ginbog civil war that lasted for 17 years.

Click here to see the pictures. And he laid hold upon gibbot horns of the altar, and lifted up his eyes to heaven, and prayed in the following words: After the downfall of the Derg Regime and the recognition of the peoples’ right for self -administration by the Constitution, the government and the citizens mobilized together gibnot order to overcome the old -aged burdens of poverty, backhandedness and other social challenges.

In all attempts to address these and other challenges, the government should commit itself to the basic principles of the FDRE Constitution, including broad public participation, transparency, accountability and rule of law.

The declaration of a peoples’ democracy in the constitution was nothing but an attempt to dress up the military rulers as civilians. And Abba Ammonius began to describe to them her excellences, and he said unto them that Sadji had dwelt with him for eighteen years, that she had never once raised her face, and that she had not seen his face nor he ginobt and their food was bread and salt.

Currently, Djibouti is reliant on oil-fired power stations and the unit cost of production is three to four times higher than it is paying now for the electricity it is importing from its neighbour. This saint loved and feared God, and he was of the True Faith.

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