Gérard de Nerval was the nom-de-plume of the French writer, poet, and translator Gérard .. On Psychological and Visionary Art: Notes from C. G. Jung’s Lecture on Gérard de Nerval’s “Aurélia”. Ed. Craig E Stephenson, Princeton: Princeton. Aurélia. by Gérard de Nerval · Download. No Description Available. Fiction Literary · From the same author · Les Chimères · Download · Octavie. Download. Product Description. Aurelia & other writings by Gerard de Nerval Translated by Geoffrey Wagner, Robert Duncan and Marc Lowenthal ISBN X.

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If the mind has to become completely unhinged in order to place us in communication with another world, it is clear that the mad will never be able to prove to the sane how blind they are, to say the very least! In fact, de Beauvoir cites Nerval as belonging to the Bretonian tradition of gloryiging Women as the gateway natural wonder and inspiration, as one of the failed literary approaches to women, falling quite short of any authentic relationship.

All of a sudden a wondrous harmony echoed through our solitudes, and it seemed as if all the shrieks and roars and hissings of these elemental creatures were now joining in this divine chorus. Quand la folie parle: This page was last edited on 30 Decemberat I wish everyone would read this book. Other times, he goes to places dark and terrifying and it’s clear he’s having doubts about the existence of a Christian heaven.

This is a personal favorite of mine–as a traveler and freighthopper myself– illuminating the reader with antiquarian delights, interesting anyone with a subtle appreciation for the architecture and landscapes of s Europe. Deconstruction and manipulation of religious iconography for covert purposes!


Gérard de Nerval – Wikipedia

The author seems surprisingly modern. Nerval shifts back and forth from past to present, proving the reader with a phantasmic perspective in conjunction with heart- break and misery. Apr 30, J. Escaping to these other worlds becomes a kind of addiction for him and he loses all interest in the “real” world.

There is a particular reclusiveness that lies within Nerval’s writing that identifies solely with a limited number of individuals. The memory of audelia childhood there was to haunt him as an idyllic vision for the rest of his life. As George Franju put it, I don’t like my dreams dreamed for me, at least not this winter.

Apr 01, Erik added it. The area had been scheduled for demolition in Juneand that work began nervap the spring of Paperbackpages.

These stories encapsulate a deep and passionate longing for idolized woman, esoteric deism, and autobiographical traveling. These conflicts entangled him in geradr significant psychic bind and landed him in an asylum, from which this document seems to’ve been written.

Aurélia and Other Writings

It’s clear, even aurrlia his more rhapsodic passages, that this is his loss and he knowns it, not any failing of the women who move through his life and depart on to their own. I’m fleeing to Stendhal. Geoffrey Atheling Wagner Translator. The form encourages economy of setting, concise….

Nerval — Aurelia

Despite Nerval’s work on the project, Dumas’ was the only name on the libretto. So while Nerval may in some way illustrate the type of literary representation as de Beauvoir suggest, I was pleasantly surprised by the self-awareness by which he makes it rather more useful and interesting.


The poet Charles Baudelaire observed that Nerval had “delivered his soul in the darkest street that he could find. During the period of his greatest creativity, Nerval was afflicted with severe mental disorders and was institutionalized at least eight times.

Catching up on Cl His later work merged poetry and journalism in a fictional context and influenced Marcel Proust. The book begins with a seemingly realistic narrative about lost love and slowly bleeds into his imaginary world where it’s difficult to tell if he is relating true events or imaginary dreams.

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Nevermind the compelling sidenote that after botching the re-wiring of this primitive telecommunications device, his squad discovered they were somehow able to place calls to JUGS, sending the platoon into a downward spiral of lethargy and preposterous beat-off sessions previously unknown to the annals of Asian history. My imagination gave me infinite delight.

Appleton and Company, pp. But it all seems like a dream now, and I can’t remember much about the book, and I’m not sure what I would think of it now.

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