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Ancient Secrets Ancient Spells from Chapter 1: Zach rated it it was amazing Aug 21, Infernal influence was a strong factor in the fall of Cormanthyr. Want to Read saving…. Attila rated it it was ok Aug 11, The high mages who had survived the massacre at the Elven Court crafted three lsot artifacts known as the realsm.

This agreement promised peace and friendship between the humans and the elves and granted the Dalesmen the right to dwell in the cleared land around Cormanthor, provided that they cut only deadwood and bramble from the forest.

Jhyrennstar’s wizards and druids nurtured the trees in their realm to incredible size. This edifice became the center of the great city of Cormanthor. If a group that includes other races can demonstrate a pressing need for the information — such as an imminent threat to the elf race that might be averted by knowledge of the Crown Wars — the sages may be more lenient; otherwise, non-elf PCs must be creative in gaining the desired information.

Malkizid, the fallen solar, becomes the secret patron of the Vyshaan lords. Soon thereafter, Elminster Aumar, Prince of Athalantar, arrived wearing the telkiira of the noble House Alastrarra, which had been granted to him by its dying lord. The Khovanilessa Trio Nefariousthree nycaloths[MM3] summoned by Netherese arcanists, rampaged through Cormanthyr during this period as well and were imprisoned by elven high magic.

The information here is too setting-specific to be used as-is in most home campaigns, but there’s still plenty of inspiration to be had. He then spent fifteen years wandering the forest reallms plunging the Crownblade into a hillock revealed to him in a vision. Because tradition demanded that the elves and their dwarf allies set aside their weapons here, more than thirty clans of elves and dwarves lost their leaders in the initial assault.


Rystall Wood fell to orcs and giants, in part because of the isolationist tendencies of the sylvan elves and their refusal to ally with the humans of Hlondath and Asram. Although time has wiped away many of the great citadels and fortresses built before and during the Crown Wars, a surprising number of them have survived — though not forgoten intact — due to magical preservation.

A falling star struck Arcorar, obliterating Uvaeren and slaying most of its inhabitants, including the coronal and nearly all the members of the noble houses. Matteo Borile rated it liked it Nov 14, Kingdoms to Empire Realmx the vicious fighting of the Crown Wars, the Elven Court became the first permanent settlement in the Arcorar the forest that would later become Cormanthor. Trivia About Lost Empires of F The series of vicious, bloody wars that destroyed the ancient realms of the elves has come to be known as the Crown Wars.

Spells in Lost Empires of Faerun – D&D Tools

The Dark Disaster reduces Miyeritar to a dead wasteland. During the Year of Oaths Forsaken, Netheril neared the peak of its power, Narfell and Raumathar battled for dominance in the cold lands empres Lake Ashane, Jhaamdath expanded throughout the lands south of the Sea of Fallen Stars, and modern Calimshan was arising from the old realm of Coramshan.

Reals denizens of the Underdark conquered the dwarven realm of Sarphil and razed and despoiled the Elven Court. The spell reaches both back and forward in the mists of time. Fortress of the Yuan-Ti. When the Eaerlanni elves began secretly smuggling gnome slaves out of Netheril, Cormanthyr’s people aided the refugees in their flight.


Lost Empires of Faerûn (accessory) – Wikipedia

One coronal must unify sun and moon, sky and sea, and tree, root, and earth, that all may achieve a long-lasting peace and strength in unity. These elves, now known as drow, live underground to this day, and their hatred for other elves remains as strong as it was in those ancient times.

Interior art is by Thomas M. The Glory of Myth Drannor In the centuries the followed, Myth Drannor’s defenders overcame racial tensions, orc attacks, and a resurgent Cult of Moander.

The pockets of elven fealms that still exist today — Evereska, Evermeet, and the forests of Tethyr — are but shadows of Cormanthyr’s grandeur. Thanks for telling us about the problem. In this era, Faerun was dominated by a number of mighty empires, almost all of which subsequently fell. The subsequent hatching of Garnetallisar and his growth into an honorable being was a wonderful breakthrough, but his presence would eventually lead to fulfillment of the conditions needed to release the Trio Nefarious.

Lost Empires of Faerûn (Forgotten Realms)

Scott wachter rated it it was ok Dec 13, Netheril’s green fields had not yet been swallowed by the sands of Anauroch, the old forests of the North were larger than they are today, and Jhaamdath had not yet been drowned by the high magic of Nikerymath, but many other lands looked much the same as they do today. Kenneth Underwood rated it liked it Nov 19, Empiree and Eiellur declare forgitten on Ilythiir and attempt to prevent the Ilythiiri from advancing north.

The Vyshaantar Empire annexes Illefarn. Richard rated it liked it Jun 15,

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