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Anabolic steroids belong to the group of hormonal drugs, the use of which affects not only physiological parameters of the athlete. Courses of steroids can change hormonal activity, libido, as well as cause side effects. In moderate doses, some steroids (the same Stanozolol) show an extremely low level of negative influence. Others even at recommended doses significantly affect the production of natural testosterone. Therefore, depending on anabolics, and used anti estrogens.

What is Post Cycle Therapy?

Common among athletes reducing PCT, decoding means “Post Cycle Therapy”. The term used in sports to refer to pharmacology of various anti estrogens and specific therapeutic drugs. They are used primarily to minimize the negative consequences of courses of steroid hormones. A particularly important role PCT, if we are talking about combined courses because they have a strong effect on the body (both positive and negative).

The main objectives of the PCT after the course:

– restore the original hormonal;

– preservation of muscle mass gain obtained relief and drawing of the muscles (anti-rollback);

– prevent testikuliarnah atrophy;

– preventing effect of gynecomastia (feminization of the mammary glands, directly connected with the high anabolic activity);

– prevention of other androgenic and anabolic side effects (acne, changes in blood pressure, disorders of hair, etc.).

Legal Anti Estrogens for PCT

Classic Post Cycle Therapy usually consists of three main components:

– Anti Estrogens (required after each course of anabolic).

– Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (prevents possible reduction (atrophy) of the testicles and used in courses with duration of more than 6 weeks).

– Cabergoline (applies only to courses progestins).

As well as additional drugs, among which include:

– Testosterone boosters.

– Blockers of cortisol (used to eliminate catabolism and prevent the destruction of muscle fibers).

– Omega-3 (designed to restore the level of cholesterol in the body).

– Hepatoprotectors (used to protect the liver from toxic effects).

– Human Growth Hormones (used to preserve mass and also eliminate the symptom of mood swings).

All the anti estrogens for sale used during PCT after the course of anabolic steroids, it is absolutely interoperable. The beginners should discuss with your sports doctor and more experienced athletes.

What are Anti Estrogens?

Anti estrogens are key drugs for Post Cycle Therapy as it is used to prevent feminization (increase in mammary glands in men) and restore natural processes in the production of hormones. Therefore, adherence to recommendations about how to take antiestrogens during the period of PCT is an extremely important factor not only for the safety of the course outcomes, but also Wellness in General.

In order to understand the specific use of anti estrogens for PCT, you need to know about the existence of two major subtypes of drugs: aromatase inhibitors and blockers of estrogen receptors. Among the former include arimidex, letrozole and proviron. They need to eliminate the consequences of the effect of aromatization (conversion into estrogen) Methandienone, Sustanon 250, Testosterone and other steroids.

The second group familiar to every bodybuilder, athlete and powerlifter tablet clomid, nolvadex and toremifene. Drugs used for 2-3 weeks after each course of anabolic steroids, as intended for the most important goal: restore the natural secretion (output level) of testosterone. Exception: Tamoxifen, which is not to be used as Post-cycle therapy for Nandrolone Decanoate and Trenbolone due to their progestin-only activity.

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