Fires of Tzeentch: The exalted flamer’s attack has two modes: blue is 18″ heavy . All Bloodthirsters got a new rule where unmodified hit rolls of 6’s count as two . Flamers (also known as the Pyrodaemons of Tzeentch, Keepers of the their enemies in an embarrassing hurry to get new clothes or armor;. Tzeentch will also be getting a new psychic power, Flickering Flames. It has a warp charge value of 5 and if successful you’ll choose a friendly.

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They are mobile, customizeable and can do some warp stuff too and they are only 8 wounds and therefore can hide behind other units. It’s like a 40k wiki written by sarcastic neckbeards.

Let them take the overwatch fire and die. Flamers also suffer from not really having an ideal unit size.

4 Exalted Flamers of Tzeentch for the new codex C+C

Ads by Project Wonderful! Also, if you have second turn and your opponent isn’t just sitting back in their deployment zone, you could even deepstrike them turn 1 in your deployment zone and hit a unit. As such, a blob of 30 Plaguebearers will makes 31 attacks, If you always wanted to command an army entirely composed of bizarre and horrifying monstrosities and who didn’t? The Moderator symbol will be shown next to the mod’s username only if it is an announcement so if you see it, you may want to check it out.

Sucky against Hordes but even there it will add up. Symphony of Pain, paired with our new Warlord Trait and stratagem, reducing enemies attacks characteristics, helps our rather squishy daemon almost to become unkillable for our opponents.

Flamers of Tzeentch, any reason not to take them? – Forum – DakkaDakka

The big synergy winners this edition. Sadly, no warptime or Prescience. Combine that formation with some deep gules bombs and the enemy will have multiple big threats in his face. Privacy policy About 1d4chan Disclaimers Mobile view. The character gives the squad a “Look out Sir”, with which it can now spread its wounds around, and as each model has two wounds, the unit can take hits for a while before it looses viability.


The Changeling can also be used to protect both Magnus and the Chicken, of course, if they need to take cover. Since their shooting attack is 18″ assault you don’t have to deepstrike them right next to a unit. You are a horny Khorny? You just need a throwaway unit nearby to force your opponent to waste their overwatch.

They won’t be expecting that. Fo you’re considering new units or ideas, try 1d4chan. If you do not overwatch the first unit and they make b2b contact, you lose the ability to overwatch.

Most armies will have a few of them.


Glimpse of rules on the deamons of Tzeench section: Retrieved from ” https: Chaos Daemons – Chaos Space Marines. I never knew your daemons were so A full sized unit has 36 s5 ap2 attacks on the charge, and 27 attacks if charged. There are two options of running them: Regardless of what enw throw this at, your opponent will spend their next turn trying to clear it away, which leaves the rest of your army free to run wild.

Highest WC of 7 means the whole discipline is relatively easy to cast too! Unnessesarily extravegant word of the week award goes to jcress for this: Flamers are still great and all but you’re not going to be decimating assaulting units with Breath of Chaos Overwatch fire cause it can’t happen. Only Nurgle Daemon Psykers may roll powers on this chart.

Horrors are still decent troops for their shots, and Daemonettes got a lot better than they were, and may be the top choice as they’re cheap, fast, re-roll charge range and have rending. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help.

Rhinos are also a nice thing to grab since they can block enemy LOS and allow your squishier daemons like Bloodletters or Daemonettes to run from cover to cover and set up charges unmolested.


Now in that assault phase you can now charge with your prince and the infantry deamon unit taking full affect of that reroll 1’s ability of the prince This tactic is ideal for bigger matches and for those that prefer wipe out strategies over securing objectives. Only Slaanesh Daemon Psykers may roll powers on this chart. Seems like a better deal than running fiends at this point. Contact me at my site. They certainly seem to have come out ahead with the change, they’re perfectly suited to sixth.

Flaners the release of Chapter Approved, the points cost of several of these models have been vastly increased and the strategy described below doesn’t really work anymore. Granted you can only shoot with three of their flamers when you DS them, but if you take a larger squad you’re more likely to have them survive any return fire, which I like, because I always hated deploying them as suicide squads. Unit leaders are referred to as pyrocasters.

Look at the ‘Wall of Death’ section of the template rules, page Is damn near impossible to kill and can shoot the entire game. Personally tzeenych think 20 demonettes and a winged prince of slaanesh is the perfect choice for this combo.

Well, they are not that expensive even for the new plastic ones. Your ad here, right now: Retrieved from ” https: Then take the Changeling and the Blue Scribes, and 3 minimum units of Brimstone Horrors to screen the Knight, in a Battalion; each unit takes 1 Iridescent Horror with an Instrument, because going from an average Advance of The idea boils down to having at least one grinder from every Chaos God and unload artillery from a distance.

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