He is remembered for his philosophy, which was influential in the development of 20th century existentialism. Alastair Hannay is Professor of Philosophy at the. 1 Homing in on Fear and Trembling. 6. Alastair Hannay. 2 Fear and Trembling’s “ Attunement” as midrash. Jacob Howland. 3 Johannes de silentio’s dilemma. The perfect books for the true book lover, Penguin’s Great Ideas series features twelve more groundbreaking works by some of history’s most prodigious.

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An angel commanded Abraham to sacrifice his son: This can be achieved neither through Schelling’s intellectual intuition nor through what Hegel, flouting Schelling’s idea, wants to put in its place, the inverse operation of the method. Not as though he denied the value of ideas of universal concepts.

Trwmbling Helmut Kuhn wrote of the dread of the choice to follow God. Journals I A A hundred pages later he ends on a similarly commercial note: Abraham hid everything he did.

Fear and Trembling – Wikipedia

Temporality, finitude—this is what it is all about. My listener, there was many a father in Israel who believed that to lose his child was alastaie lose everything that was dear to him, to be robbed of every hope for the future, but there was no one who was the child of promise in the sense Isaac was to Abraham.

But murder, or sacrifice of a adn by any other word? The Absolute Paradox occasions an absolute decision by posing the absolute either-or.

Fear and Trembling

While Carlisle’s commentary-plus gives excellent support to readings of Fear and Trembling that favor some alleviation of what many see as its excesses, a closer look at the Hegel connection from p.

Each one of these “little choices will reveal itself under analysis as the choice of a means towards a predetermined end. The Merman is a seducer, but when he has won Agnes’ love he is so moved by it that he wants to belong to her entirely.


Further, might it not be a kind of mis guidance to introduce topics “Spheres of Existence: But this joy was only in the moment of cognition and did not leave a deeper mark on me. Hwnnay “Telling Stories — and Who is Johannes de silentio? Croxall, Pantheon Books p.

Fear and Trembling by Soren Kierkegaard | : Books

This allows the content of faith to escape absurdity, at least if “murderer” can be kept out, while the practical paradox may be successfully negotiated by someone without Johannes de silentio’s limitations. Clara is wholly misunderstood by the citizens. Since the outside chapters are, to this reviewer’s mind, more open to critical comment than the extended commentary, the main focus here is on these, with only the following brief account of the second chapter.

Everyone shall be remembered, but everyone became great in proportion to his expectancy. It may well be that there are those who need coercion, who, if they were given free rein, would abandon themselves like unmanageable animals to selfish appetites.


Kierkegaard also mentioned Agnes and the Merman in his Journals: As a sick man throws himself about in his pain, now on one side and then on the other, so is reflective grief tossed about in the effort to find its object and its expression. Another scholar writes, “By writing about Abraham, Kierkegaard tremgling perform a pantomime of walking along the patriarch’s path, but he will remain incapable of the leap of faith that was necessary to accomplish the sacrifice.

Most systems and viewpoints also date from yesterday, and the conclusion is arrived at as easily as falling in love is accomplished in a novel where it says: In my defense, though, it was my first experience with Kierkegaard.


Abraham chooses to be “the exception” and set aside the general law, as well as does the aesthetic individual; but, note well: Taylor, of Fordham University writes, “The Abrahamic God is the all-powerful Lord and Master who demands nothing less than the total obedience of his faithful servants.

In this objective field the right of insight is reckoned as insight into what is legal alastwir illegal, or the actual law. Remain faithful to his commitment to God.

He does not trouble anyone with his suffering, neither Sarah, who he knew very well would be grief-stricken over losing Isaac, nor Eliezer, the faithful servant in his house, with whom, if with anyone, he certainly might have sought consolation.

This is continued by the eulogy on Abraham as “the father of faith” who believed by virtue of the absurd. Faith and Reason” we are on firmer ground, or closer to home.

Only in times when reality is a hollow, unspiritual, and shadowy existence, can a retreat be permitted out of the actual into an inner life. Like the monotonous sound of water dripping from the roof, like the monotonous whir of a spinning wheel, like the monotonous sound of a man walking with measured tread back and forth on the floor above, so this hannat of reflective grief finally gives to it a certain sense of numb relief, becoming a necessity as affording it an illusion of progress.

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