EPA Method A in the EPA methods list database. View all EPA methods. EPA Method A: Chlorinated Biphenyl. Congeners by HRGC/HRMS. Horizon Technology, Inc., Salem, NH. Horizon Technology, Inc., 45 Northwestern Dr. Ecology may require or allow the use of the most current accepted revision of EPA Method (USEPA, ) at contaminated sites, instead.

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Discussions with this laboratory revealed no attempt to analyze a g sample. Meeting the performance requirements of this Method is the responsibility of the laboratory.

The results of this interlab study met our objectives to characterize the performance of Method A in several laboratories and matrices, and use the results to replace the single-lab QC acceptance criteria in A with interlab criteria. Method B is based on the results of an interlaboratory validation study, and a peer review of that study.

If analyses are performed on successive shifts, only the beginning of shift static resolving power check is required.

Method A Interlaboratory Validation Study Report

On a daily basis, pre-clean the rotary evaporator by concentrating mL of clean extraction solvent through the system. If this interferences occurs, Seal the vial and label with the sample number.

Sample results for this laboratory were consistently below those for all other laboratories, and the labeled compound recoveries were generally low in both study and QC samples. Truncated numbers at the decimal point in the ” pairs” column. Laboratories were not required to validate the method in all three matrices; as a result, the number of participant laboratories varied, depending on the matrix tested.


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Set aside the concentration device for use after ea extraction or other cleanup. Breakup aggregates with a stirring rod until a uniform mixture is obtained.

When properly adjusted, drops of methylene chloride per second will fall from the condenser tip into the water. For the biosolids, the first step was to combine and homogenize five biosolids samples to form a composite.

US EPA METHOD A/B/C “STARTER KIT” – Cambridge Isotope Laboratories –

Instrument internal standard 8. Weigh the receiver and boiling chips. If this loss is excessive, use Soxhlet extraction with methylene chloride Section If the CBs cannot be measured reliably by isotope dilution, dilute and analyze an aqueous sample or analyze a smaller portion of spa soil, 16688a, or mixed-phase sample.

If a column or column system alternate to those specified in this Method is used, that column or column system must meet the requirements in Section 6. Gross losses to the laboratory ventilation system must not be allowed.

These records include the following, at a minimum: The lack of a hockey stick appearance for the tissue and biosolids; i. Congeners included in the group are listed as the last entry in the box. Drain the methylene chloride extract through a solvent-rinsed glass funnel approximately one-half full of granular anhydrous sodium sulfate Section 7.


This approach was used to preserve mass of sample for the study itself by taking the two homogeneity aliquots from the larger aliquot sample “B”. The GC conditions may be optimized for compound separation and sensitivity. If identification is ambiguous, an experienced spectrometrist Section 1.

To preserve confidentiality, laboratories that volunteered for this study, including three that did not submit lab data, were assigned numbers randomly from 1 to These data are to include: The laboratory ea to extract the samples a second time, this time using 2 grams each.

Isomer specificity for certain of the CB congeners is achieved using GC columns that resolve these congeners.

EPA Method 1668A

If it is not possible to obtain at least 168a usable data sets, EPA may utilize any Method A data available to assess method performance, develop revised QC acceptance criteria, and for other purposes.

Re- injection of another aliquot 6168a the sample extract may not resolve the problem and additional cleanup of the extract may be required to remove the interference. Place the round-bottom flask in a heating mantle, and apply heat as required to complete the concentration in 15 to 20 minutes.

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