EP93XX. ARM. ®. 9 Embedded Processor Family. EP93xx. User’s Guide 8×8 Key Mtx. ARMT. Maverick. 18 Bit Raster. LCD I/F. Crunch. Notes on making a proper EABI cross compiler for Maverick Crunch (EP, EP93xx) processors. This is a bit of “higher order hacking” and. It’s already configured to build in /opt/toolchains/ directory. This work is based on patches by Martin Guy and tested both on Cirrus demo board for the EP

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Mainline GCC support has never worked for it but there is a modified compiler available that does and that is able to generate Crunch-accelerated Debian packages.

Deselects saturating arithmetic for integer maveric, and selects the usual C-like overflowing. Enabling forwarding in a test program on revision E1 hardware, I have been unable to get this bug to bite. Characteristics and naming are summarized in the document ZefeerEVB. Finally, the first and second instruction must appear to the coprocessor with the correct relative timing; this timing is not simply proportional to the number of intervening instructions and mavericl difficult to predict in general.

High-Performance, Networked, ARM9, System-on-Chip Processor

In three places it is used as the first of a two-instruction sequence: When an ARM register is loaded from pe9302 and a double-word cirrus register is immediately stored indirected through the same ARM register, memory is corrupted. The above patch incorrectly calls the iWMMXt pop functions. The value appearing in the target register will still be correct. A test program tickles the bug in both ways on revision E1 silicon.


Making fast floating point math work on the Cirrus MaverickCrunch floating point unit

The solution is to insert some other instruction between the ldr and the bit load or store, such as a nop. Most crucially, it fails to take proper account of the way that the FPU sets the condition code registers after a comparison, so the code it generates sometimes gets floating point and bit integer comparisons wrong as well as failing to account for several of the hardware bugs.

Interfaces and Sample Rate Converters. On board RTC specifications. Let the second instruction be an instruction with the same target, but not be executed. The default is signed.

crosstool-ng for the Maverick Crunch processors

Presumably, cfstr64 does the same. When the error occurs, the result is either coprocessor register or memory corruption.

Three developments, described below, will be available with Zefeer CPU boards family: The ARMT core operates from a 1. It also has four bit registers on which can perform a bit multiply-and-accumulate instruction and a status register, as well as conversions between integer and floating point values and instructions to move data between itself and the ARM registers or memory.

Five revisions of the silicon were issued: The result underflows directly to zero. Disable interrupts when executing cfldr32 or cfmv64lr instructions. These include all of the following: Add extra code to sign extend the lower word after it is loaded by explicitly forcing the upper word to be all zeroes or all ones, as appropriate.


Registers It has 16 bit registers, which can be treated as single- or double-precision floating point values, or as or bit integers.

For applications with instruction-memory size restrictions, the ARMT’s compressed Thumb instruction set provides space efficiency and maximum external mavericck memory usage. The processor must be operating in serialized mode. A new Pop MV registers instruction needs to be added to the table, along with changes to Sec 7.

The second instruction is not a coprocessor data path instruction.

ArmEabiMaverickCrunch – Debian Wiki

Operating modes The FPU can operate in several modes, controlled by bits in its status register: Here are several examples: It operates in parallel with the main processor, both processors receiving their mavedick from a single bit instruction stream. When the operand is positive zero, cfnegs and cfnegd mavreick positive zero to the destination register, while the result should be negative zero.

Instruction format MaverickCrunch instructions are bit words that are interleaved with the regular ARM instrution stream. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Mainline GCC does not emit cfldr32and use of cfmv64lr is disabled as buggy.

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