The current ecorediag metamodel definition cannot be opened in post-Kepler distributions. We might as well use Xcore. This is definitely for a. project, 2 years ago. ties · Renamed projects, 2 years ago. plugin. xml · Migrated EMF metamodel from ecorediag to xcore. Fixes #72, 2 years ago. The diagrams can’t be properly displayed (please see attached file).

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EMF tools are not the only way to create Ecore meta-models. Viewpoints are a way to adapt the tooling regarding your current activity for instance Designing or Reviewing your Ecore model. Sign up using Email and Password.

EcoreTools – Graphical Modeling for Ecore

To use it select the tool Dynamic Instance and apply it on the EClass of your choice in your diagram. User Guide Designing Ecore Models Getting Started Once EcoreTools is installed ecoreiag your environment, you can start using it either to create a new Ecore model from scratch or to edit an already existing model. EMF will detect these annotations and generate dedicated Java methods based on this name, you will have to implement them then.

The input which is expected when you edit a ecoredoag note is a comma separated list of names representing those constraints.

User Guide

Each one of the Class related tools might also be used to change some properties: Two new tools are appearing then in the palette so that you can create the doc annotations. The documentation table displays all the EPackage elements as a hieararchy in the first column and the corresponding documentation annotation in the second one.

Create an element that will contain directly or indirectly all the other elements. And i can find the ecore file of my DSL ,which generate by xtext. Containment will create a containment EReference with a This is especially convenient when using the graphical modeler in full-screen with no other view and clicking on the contextual shortcut which appears a few milliseconds after you select an EClass. Once your diagram gets populated it might get harder to find a specific EClass.


Exporting Diagrams You can export an existing diagram in several format by right-clicking on the diagram itself.

All these representations are stored in the.

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. You can also create a new representation by clicking on the Modeling Project itself:. Right now i want convert this ecore File to a ecorediag File. Once it is created you can directly use it in EOperation signatures or even create an EReference targeting this parameter. Email Required, but never shown. These instances will be displayed as list containers. You will get an empty diagram saying double click here to load ecorediab the left top.

It is possible to load models which are not in the current project by adding Project Dependencies. This could be achieved by right-clicking on the class and choosing the New child item.

Here is a small list of tools that can be used to create your meta-model:.

In the scope of the automaton example, the state reference of the Fsm class are defined as containment reference, and also the outgoingTransition reference in the State metaclass. How to convert a ecore File ecordeiag a ecorediag File Ask Question. However, this tutorial focuses on the creation of meta-models using the Sample Ecore Editor.

EMF meta-model creation tips. Documentation Annotations Documentation Table Editor The documentation table displays all the EPackage elements as a hieararchy in the first column and the corresponding documentation annotation in the second one.


You can also create a new representation by clicking on the Modeling Project itself: Editing a new meta-model with the EMF sample editor.

The Viewpoints you might enable are: Post as a guest Name. When clicking on Add Related Elements from the background of the diagram, all the EClasses which are contained in the current EPackage will be proposed. Validating the model If the layer Validation is enabled, then any invalid element will have red borders.

eclipse – How to convert a ecore File to a ecorediag File – Stack Overflow

Selecting Viewpoints Each modeling project has a set of viewpoints which are enabled. You can add ecorefiag new one and bind it to an EClass using the Constraint and Constraint Assignment tools available then in the palette. Bi-directional Reference will create two EReference instances each one being specified as the eOpposite of the other one.

To edit the EOperation signature you have several choices, you can directly type it in the diagram, EcoreTools expects a format like: To edit an existing annotation or to create a new one, select the corresponding cell and type using the keyboard. Writing a migration tool from. You can use the tools defined in the palette to create new EClasses or EDatatypes:.

SomeTypeName will set the type of an EAttribute without updating the name. At this stage of the tutorial, the designed meta-model should look like the following meta-model:.

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