EC Mobile Ad hoc Networks. Subject Code / Name: DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING QUESTION BANK. B.E./ DEGREE EXAMINATION, NOVEMBER/DECEMBER Eighth Semester Electronics and Communication Engineering EC /. EC MOBILE ADHOC NETWORKS. L T P C. 3 0 0 3. UNIT I. INTRODUCTION. 9. Introduction to adhoc networks – definition, characteristics features.

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What is hybrid routing netorks List the applications of ad hoc network. MANET is defined as an autonomous system of nodes or Mobile Stations also serving as routers connected by wireless links, the union that forms a communication networks, modeled in the form of an arbitrarily communication graph. Define Wireless datagram protocol WDP 5. How routing table is constructed in fisheye state routing protocol?


List the approaches for power aware routing protocol. Nnetworks boosters can perform adaptation procedures towards upper layers and lower layers, assisting the process of information exchanges between various layers without a need for actual protocol format changes, leading to improved system performances. Netaorks are the challenging issues in ad hoc network maintenance? The contention based protocols can be classified into two groups according to the ways collisions are resolved.


Why ad hoc network is integrated with mobile IP?

Why does TCP not work well in ad hoc network? It represents signal attenuation as a positive quantity measured in db.

The PO decides the optimizing action to be taken based on the events occurring at the various layers and the current state of the protocol layer which is to be modified. Explain path loss and fading in detail. List the applications of ad hoc networks. Increase in system throughput 3. In BSS the client stations cannot communicate directly with one another.

What do you mean by encapsulation? Reflection causes a phase shift of shadowing.

Mention any four qualities of service metrics that are used to evaluate the performance of the network. List and explain the issues in designing a MAC protocol for ad hoc wireless networks.

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Foliage, lamp post, sharp edges. Explain using the WAP model. Networkss scalability improved in ad hoc wireless network. List the advantages and disadvantages of DSDV routing protocols. It employs radio frequency technology for communication.


This is especially important for interactive sessions between user applications. What is an adhoc network? It occurs due to multipath propagation.

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The classifications of integrated mobile IP network based on gateway discovery are What are the two types of protocols used to handle multiple access issues? It enables establishment of outdoor high speed radio access networks, providing fixed radio connections to customer premises.

Explain on mobie routing protocol in detail. What are the issues in designing transport layer protocol? Military applications and battlefields b. Help Center Find new research papers in: Skip to main content. List the characteristics of wireless channel.

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