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From these premises accurate and true Church can not detach than a conclusion. You ask yourself what needs to be added. Someone said that the man known as laughing. Parent language in oral conversations is always simple, clear and accessible.

Home Patron and Holy Relics St. Let us thank God that it gave Fr Dumitru until almost 90 years and not just any year since worked in every way to the last year. I wanted to hug him, kiss him, not with pity but with a kind of childlike start.

To work for nothing better than sitting in vain.

Costa de Beauregard, M.-A (Marc-Antoine) [WorldCat Identities]

Theological work is and will be available to all, but those tender moments of communication they spent every cell of our Father is a personal treasure to be shared and others surely now and later.

And other important works were the fruit of his old age! The repertoire is not too wide, the joy of birth is but meet together dumitrh. Father always working on something.

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Dumitru Staniloae Teologia Dogmatica Ortodoxa Vol 1

It was also a way of speaking, we confess to each other. Hereby, heat, through self-giving, in a word, by a boundless love, calm and devoted. Books, too many library capacity, as can be stuffed without dumitrru certain logic, ending by pouring through all corners of the room in stacks whose balance is always unstable. Does anxieties and joys, has perplexities and questions without response, has longings unfulfilled fears that will not see eogmatica printed books, staniloqe when you hear a good word about him, he likes to joke, suffering with his friendseyes annoy him and his courageous you wholeheartedly when it does and kisses you really … Our Father It will take years, it will take ages it will be one that will be ten, God knows!

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It is certain that our philosopher search for stanillae particular type of speech purely speculative that the parent was not found, and the parent speech he was not ready. A fourth lesson has not been permitted. With how much love he received his relatives in his home village!

Dim light, cold atmosphere of dogmatoca college gave a strange feeling of space soldierly. These were the last words between us. And further translated into Filocalia … Father always working on something. And further translated into Filocalia ….

Longer fills the cell and Christmas, when the parent or close groups of students come in Christmas Eve with carols.


Everything seems clear and complete. They are given on each measure in the form, but they are in fact deepest thoughts. We bear witness to him and to God we are obliged to do.

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To get here is something unimaginably easy. Always rests a light on his face, but when you laugh seems that this light is amplified. We stick with the construction. But not only them. Father receives anytime anyone came by, perhaps thousands. Vlad country and priests, monks and students, famous scholars and doctoral students, dogmatics of various professions stniloae, cultural personalities, etc.

I looked thrilled silhouette quite high. A light coming from Tabor. In such moments, it is a great saving. We had great mercy of God as Father Dumitru to be contemporary and to occasionally sit around.

It was strikingly noticeable way while his humility and greatness. For those who step often threshold, he was not only the great theologian, only the priest who take their full seriously grace, and father, the man you embrace who you listen question or trouble, he advised and I cheer at the chest which could find shelter.

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