Detlev S. Schlichter. · Rating details · 85 ratings · 7 reviews. The case for the inevitable failure of a paper money economy and what that means for the future. Paper Money Collapse: The Folly of Elastic Money [Detlev S. Schlichter, Thomas Mayer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Explore the. Paper Money Collapse: The Folly of Elastic Money and the Coming Monetary Breakdown [Detlev S. Schlichter, John Lee] on *FREE* shipping on .

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When it was announced that Andrew Jackson schlkchter be taken off the twenty dollar bill, social media pundits began to remark on the irony of his being on a bill in the first place, given his hatred of paper money.

Paper Money Collapse: The Folly of Elastic Money and the Coming Monetary Breakdown

Schlichter uses a valid educational approach of layering. Xollapse you want to understand why and how money functions, from its basic origins as a replacement system for barter to modern banking, this would not be a bad place to start. Rajbir Bhattacharjee rated it it was amazing Mar 13, It would be wrong to assume that central banks and state fiat monies exist merely as a response to fractional reserve banking.

I found this interesting and insightful of Mr Schlichter. The blurred distinction is derlev by the pernicious influence of central banks.

Lynn rated it really liked it Mar 06, A Legacy of Failure Beyond the Cycle: Data included here within may already be out of date. While the logic is sound, and I agree with its premise “in most cases”, what the book fails to address is what happens if EVERYONE collapee to partake in an elastic money scheme. It looks at rarely discussed elements such as the measure of GDP, the price level.


Troy rated it it was amazing Jul 20, cshlichter For Mr Schlichter the impending collapse is inevitable, but he works hard to reassure us that this does not mean the end of capitalism or civilisation.

Sigurdur rated it really liked it Jan 16, The author analyses these economic phenomenon which many of us take for granted. Leif Ohlsson rated it liked it Sep 14, Want to Read Currently Reading Read. If there are people just managing to make payments now, just imagine There’s an old saying that you don’t get something for nothing. She has appeared on news channels including Russia Today to discuss the gold price and gold investing.

It is actually very easy to blame the crisis on the paper money system, but Paper Money Collapse goes a lot deeper than this. He placed a lot of importance on the dstlev preference of consumers willingness to spend later instead of now, like marshmallow experiment in psychology, or savers.

If that aspect was addressed, this would be a 5-star book. Nothing on this scale has ever happened before yet people are sleeping walking into a meltdown. Steven rated it it was amazing Feb 10, The Content The book is split into five parts. The Swiss franc, volatility and the price of gold. A difficult read, especially at bedtime… but riveting nonetheless. Jan then went on to write her undergraduate dissertation on the use of precious metals in the monetary system.

Please check your details, and try again. Middlethought rated it it was amazing Aug 05, Like many of the books on this topic, he seems to be a libertarian goldbug. Win rated it it was amazing Jan 05, The endgame is always massive inflation and loss of confidence in the paper. It’s hard not to agree with Schlichter – the end of elastic money, one way or another, is coming. He returns to this issue frequently throughout the book, but it is no more relevant than in the final section of the book when Mr Schlichter looks at the beneficiaries of the fiat system.

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The sub-title of this book serves explicitly to explain the author’s premise… that the banks have come to position themselves in society such that their very existence and their performance has now placed a vice-grip on the fiscal and monetary policy of nations and that the contemporary manipulation of national currencies is going to end in tears.

It is an analysis of the current financial crisis and shows in very stark terms that the psper presented by paper money-enthusiasts around the world are misguided and inherently flawed. People aren’t arbitrage machines. Throughout history, states have imposed their own paper monies on their populations and have run privileged state banks, clearly with dtelev intent to fund state spending.

However, in that same section, when talking about money pumping by central banks vs.

But to mention one more thing, the conclusion is interesting and thought provoking. It must be pretty obvious that printing money, as they have been doing for years, coupled with cheap credit, has got to have some consequences down the line.

Learn how to buy gold in minutes…. You can see our interview with him here.

Paper Money Collapse – Detlev Schlicter | Gold Investment | Gold Money

To ask other readers questions about Paper Money Collapseplease sign up. May 12, Fergus Moffat rated it it was amazing. He follows the standard trajectory of these sorts of books, starting with the history of paper money from Chinese paper money and later European gold smiths coklapse the resulting disasters.

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