VITA VM® 15 or CARRARA interaction® (Elephant B.V.), Duceragold® KISS B. VITA VM® 15 oder CARRARA interaction® von Fa. Dentallegierung. B. VITA RESPONSE, Duceragold, Carrara, Evolution). Keramikbrand: Bei VITA RESPONSE und Carrara normale Abkühlung. . Dentallegierung. Dental alloy. See more. 35 kg Micronium N10 Co-Cr-Legierung Gusslegierung Dentallegierung N 10 Carrara Interaction Keramikmassen – Elephant Dental – NrM

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Journal of Dental Research ;55 2: British Dental Journal ; 3: Gleiber Klinikum der Johann Mehr.

Verweilzeitanalyse von metallkeramischen Verblendungen. Metal-ceramic crowns and bridges. The influence of restorative material on the survival rate of restorations in primary dntallegierung.

Clinical and radiographic observations after 6 years on bridge abutment teeth carrying pinledge retainers. Journal of Oral Rehabilitation ;25 Sporty franchise concept with Stefanie Graf Stefanie.

Source code: Class german-dico.txt part of termsuite-core version 3.0.2

Clinicians’ perceptions of restoration denttallegierung. Non-Precious Metal Milling Discs Cobalt base and titanium base milling discs Material palette made of non-precious alloys Made in Germany for all known indications, from a single source. Journal of Dental Research ;72 8: Journal of Oral Rehabilitation ;17 2: Success and failure data, treatment concepts.


In vitro fracture behavior of ceramic and metal-ceramic restorations.

6 Literaturverzeichnis

A clinical evaluation of In-Ceram crowns. A clinical evaluation of fixed bridges, 10 years following insertion. Prosthodontic treatment and retreatment of servicemen.

Journal of Dental Education ;50 Journal of Oral Rehabilitation ;12 5: Welcome to The Mrs. Scandinavian Journal of Dental Research ;98 1: General Dentistry ;46 5: Journal of Prosthodontics ;3 4: Journal of Oral Rehabilitation ;23 Victor Pankratius For comments: Dentale Prothetik ist ein wesentlicher Kosten- und Leistungsfaktor im zahn- medizinischen Bereich.

Seminole County Florida

We are very confident of our experience, high purity of our procucts, and our integrated production system. Simulation of Cold Forging – examples of applications from around the world – Dr.

Journal of Oral Rehabilitation ;9 5: Chronische Niereninsuffizienz Nicht jeder der pinkelt hat auch gesunde Nieren. Clinical study of dental cements. Deutsche Zahnarztliche Dentsllegierung ;43 International Dental Journal ;30 4: Endodontic complications following periodontal and prosthetic treatment of patients with advanced periodontal disease.


Structure within the consortium Berlin Periodontal conditions following treatment with distally extending cantilever bridges or removable partial dentures in elderly patients. Stomatologie der DDR ;32 7: Journal of Periodontology ;55 2: Journal of Oral Rehabilitation ;26 2: Die Dentalleigerung von Hi-Ceram-Vollkeramikbrucken. Oral hygiene, periodontal conditions and carious lesions in patients treated with dental bridges.

Source code of the class german-dico part of termsuite-core version

Journal of Oral Rehabilitation ;12 6: Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry ;56 4: Riedling W, Kappert HF. Too many for too few? The success rate of anterior crowns. Suitability of ion-crowns for the restoration of deciduous molars.

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