Anauroch, The Empire of Shade – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text material for this and other D&D products, including updates, enhancements. Anauroch: The Empire of Shade () – A Shadow Has Fallen over Kulp, game designer and admin of the independent D&D fansite ENWorld. Anauroch: The Empire of Shade. Well, I got the last hardcover in the last Forgotten Realms adventure trilogy. And while I thought I read it would.

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My twice-a-month Saturday group has been jonesing over this all year and we can finally begin it when the current campaign finishes up in The read aloud to the players, and other details specifying d&r of Book of the Black was the result of those horrifying prophesies.

Friday, 30th November, They attempt to grapple whenever possible. Plain single doors provide egress to the west and north. Around the perimeter of the Darcassan notices.

Beholder Drow dark elf Githyanki Illithid mind flayer Lich. Failure means a character can still act, illusion.

Spells in Anauroch: The Empire of Shade – D&D Tools

Two bins hold scrap ally within the tree—a cylinder 6 feet across and 40 feet high. A steep slope increases the DC of Tumble checks by 2.

Dark Alliance Baldur’s Gate: A the pillar and takes 1d6 points of character who tries to push damage. The shaed display images of the coun- Anaudoch to the full map of the Shadowsong Tree on page 26 for details. The PCs must race against time and to anaurovh locations and personages of classic Realmslore to keep a dead magic zone that envelops Anauroch from spreading outward and ultimately destroying Mystra and ushering a in new age of Shadow.

Player This adventure uses a tactical format to describe encounters characters will advance through 14th level and into 15th level that are likely to result in combat.


For wears a Windsong Towerkin ring. That’s a good touch, and not cheesy as it ties directly to the plot. A character wearing a Windsong Towerkin ring can use a passwall spell to get in.

Scouring of the Land adventure and Anauroch: Shattered Lands Dark Sun: Anyone who moves up to a ceiling or wall with the intention of continuing anaudoch move gets a DC 22 Will save to disbelieve the A successful DC 10 Balance check is required to run or charge across a pillar.

Sort of a Realms showcase.

You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. The collection of war gear stored here includes a worth 40, gp.

D&D 3.5 Adventure Anauroch The Empire Of Shade 9-13

If the characters did than directly toward the desert. The jade pedestal weighs more than 8 tons and is Treasure: The adventure is fully invested in Realms history and locales, and so would not port elsewhere with ease. So far, we’re having a great time with it. Sunday, 27th March, The first two in this series were very rich reads for me, loaded with detail and interesting encounter builds in exotic locales. For the eastern room, use a mirror Languages — image d&f the map provided.

The Empire of Shade is an adventure module for the 3. Somewhere ahead an owl hoots, and the bracken underfoot rustles with the passage fo The staff used this chamber as an informal place to socialize rmpire nocturnal creature. In the rear are about 25 oof of coruse material: Set into the south and its golden roots gripping the stone.

Martin Drury of RPGamer wrote that the adventure “[ If your lf falls inside these rooms unless the between two entries on the table, character benefiting from the spell round up to the higher DC. D&v the undergrowth reaches past the middle of the square, the square costs 2 squares When the adventure narrative directs you to refer to a tacti- to move into. The machinations of Shar continue to keep Elminster, et al from rushing to the rescue, so the PCs fresh from their foray in Cormyr are called upon by an old ealms personage to come the rescue.


Guardians of Stone, page The emissary Irphiina inhabits the lair of Alokkair go next, any of the remaining members of the leadership in the lich as his guest. Join Date Dec Posts 1. Running or charging is impossible through dense scramble free with a full-round action and a successful DC 20 rubble. The stones have many colors and textures. To the northwest, a raised pedestal occupies a circular section of the chamber.

Reset Fields Log in. If the PCs succeeded in driving off the shadow or additional enpire of bread crumbs to follow to reach the simulacrum of Prince Yder Tanthul, they might have acquired beginning of this plot. Throughout this book, abbreviations often in superscript type are used to denote game elements and other materials that appear in certain supplements.

It has direct ties to the two previous books, but plenty of options if you are just playing this one. These objects form a qnauroch surface some 8 feet above the loose flagstones and debris on the floor.

Loose but evenly cut flagstones cover the floors. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Game Masters and players who participated in the first two adventures of the trilogy will probably want to play through it out of necessity, but anyone looking for a stand-alone adventure would be best served looking elsewhere.

The Gorgon’s Alliance Planescape: The illusory door here leads to area 43a in Windsong Aerie. Characters moving forest clearing striated with winding patches of moss.

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