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Sage Valmiki finds special mention at the end o stotra, in the rd sloka. So too Daya Devi who was responsible for g souls a body for working out their redemption, finds that the help of the very body satakak soul is drifting into greater greater depths of sinfulness and she cries halt to the w process and brings about pralaya.

He not have succeeded in his task’ as he has, but for tte fact that he himself is a scholar, a philosopher 9Dd a bhaktha.

These terms are again taken satakkam Bharatasastra vide sloka 16 above. Daya react to sins in diametrically opposite ways. It is for these reasons we argue that You have no Dayaa that leads to the sins running away from you in a frightened state. That has been very beautifully indicated here by suggest- ing that the stream of siksha sstakam takes its origin from the big lake of Daya.

But Daya Devi with great care reminds Him about w at the psychological moment and makes Him remember us. There sata,am a world of difference between them. The one who is born in this world gains Moksha Sukham without any striving, once Your merciful glances fall on that person at the time of birth.

You are the veritable KaamadhEnu, when it comes to your munificence.

Daya Satakam Of Vedanta Desika

It is really marvellous to see how intimately acquainted he must have been with the theory and practice of law and of the fundamentals of jurisprudence.

Oh Lord of ThiruvEnkatam! Those who have seen processions of the Lords in Temples will have noticed how the Lord is preceded by several paraphernalia and followed by others. This sloka is the first of several others in this stotra which aim at postulating the supremacy of Daya over all the other qualities of the Lord, a supremacy that makes her ‘ Guneswari ‘ in sloka post meaning ‘ Empress among the gunaas.


‎Sri Vedanta Desikar Daya Satakam by R. Vedavalli on Apple Music

Till Desika wrote the Dayaa sataka there was no textual authority postulating the supremac of Daya. You are in this matter similar to the Deva GangA. For, the Lord is always a God of Mercy and where is the chance of Daya being absent? So they are described as anucharaas daaya followers.

Sri Vedanta Desikar Daya Satakam by R. Vedavalli on Spotify

Why is it that such great men evince this sort of desire? These akinchana janams know that You are the primary help in performing prescribed purificatory PrAyascchitthams to destroy their huge bundles of sins Satakma ViBhuthA: That process is adapted here daua suit the present point. We can not pin point Him as being limited to desa, Kaala, Vasthu parameters. I thank him heartily for it. Accordingly ” Sevc Yogyatwam was the topic of the first decad.

In another place Desika employs the same analogy of a vakil pleading as against sins ” Durvaara-teevra-durita-prativaavadookaihi” Dehalee- sastuti and there also the reference is to arguing against sins. That is creation properly under- stood and there is no inconsistency in pralaya and srishti sarakam being the work of Daya.

More by R. Vedavalli

You have taken the form of SadAchAryAs. The PraLayam waters would have devoured every thing. Taken there we begin to crave for those articles and the pleasures they can afford us. You grant visEsha anugraham to those who are anukoolars. Realising that the glory of Prajaapati Brahi and others is really a synonym for watakam, the fortunate few desii of securing, albeit for a fleeting moment, the Lord’s love-laden Kai ksha blessed by your embrace, crave for existence dqya an anin or inanimate object in the forests of Vrishagirl.

When even the high and lofty Lord of Vr giri floats in the flood caused by you, my sins which inescapabl; drowned will have to seek in vain for a helping hand to come to rescue and lift them up. The Roopa or Divyamangala Vigraha of the Lord was described in the previous sloka.

He is higher in rank than Siva and Satalam.

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swtakam That is in Varadaraja Panchasat. Thus the Shastras are referre to as a Lamp. You are the abode of all auspiciousness bhavukanidhi. Satakma ii capable of being enjoyed by such groups is given to be enjoyec here iha by the denizens of this world. They do not get jealous over Your success, where they have failed. For it is only in this system Daya is relied on as the refuge of helpless beings, and Saranagati is laid down as a p force for securing salvation straight.

Al the nice points of Desika’ s system find beautiful poetical expressior in the Daya Sataka. You stand firm without wavering. The words used suggest. In this sloka the poet deals with that superior trait of Dayadevi which cleanses watakam of low thoughts and ideas and helps us to desire for God Himself.

So much for the sentiments incorporated 5 first half of the sloka. Though some sataoam was necessary on the part of Daya change the Lord’s inclination from pralaya to srishti, she succee not because of this force for no one can force the mighty Lc to do anything against His nature, wish, or desire but becai inherently the Lord is merciful and the moment the suggesti emanates from Daya Devi the Lord eagerly accepts dwya same a brings about creation and protects the world so created.

At the time satakxm birth of the ChEthanam in this world, You prompt your Lord to cast His benevolent glances on the chEthanam. Mu dhaya signifies sipping from one’s own fist or palm and swallc in one gulp, as Sag: Avaimi I understand; 1 realise. He performed austere penance, accumulated PuNyams and became eligible for this lofty rank. There is a paatantz different reading for this word as prasakti sRuftfi which has be taken to mean the process of creation.

After knowing about His beautiful Roopa in the 3rd paththu, Nammalwar postulates that no other enjoyment can come anywhere near the satakm quality of the Lord and thereby demonstrates how He excels arfasR all other joys.

Kripanajana kalpalatikaam Kritaaparaadhasya nishkriyaam aadyaami Vrishagirinaatha Daye!

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