Editions. The Winter Warriors . David Gemmell · Paperback Three warriors stand with her, the last remnants of the once proud Drenai army. : Winter Warriors (Drenai Tales, Book 8) (): David Gemmell: Books. Editorial Reviews. Review. David Gemmell has a talent for fantasy tales of heroism and villainy that feature characters who, while sympathetically.

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When Gmmell Skanda disbands his army, the pregnant queen takes flight, pursued by the Lords of the Undead. Aug 03, J. I wanted just a little more.

Winter Warriors by David Gemmell

Now, with the Em Winter Warriors is a stand-alone book in gmmell Drenai saga. The second vision is also a wwrriors, as demons are slowly returning to the physical world. This book answers just as firmly as a hug: Once again, the experience of reading so many points of view allows the reader into winrer conversation.

However, Gemmell’s publisher allegedly persuaded him to change the novel’s setting on the basis that the book would achieve greater sales if it could be marketed as a Drenai novel. Interestingly, Gemmell also provides POVs from the demonic side of the story, and these are no less interesting than their human counterparts; the Krayakin are suitably threatening antagonists. There are some changes. Whereas Gemmell’s work is usually tight and grounded in war, Winter Warriors definitely follows a different path.

Excerpts from Locus magazine’s interview with N. You can help the David Gemmell Wiki by expanding it. You WANT to believe every word. Life isn’t black and white, it’s shades of grey and there’s more than 50!!!!

Inspired by Your Browsing History. A very, very close second for me would be the first two books of the Rigante. They are not silvered davidd age, but grey, worn and weary. The characters are deep and engaging, and the story moves at a crisp pace. Want to Read gemmeell. Gemmell’s Gemmell cements himself as one of my favorite authors with this one.


It has an exciting story, characters that make you feel complex emotions, some continuity porn but not enough that you feel out of your depth and he mixes his newer theme of friendship between comrades at arms despite background differences wi Seriously, if you’re after an introduction to the way Mr Gemmell writes you really couldn’t go past this one: I really like this book.

While the heroes are fairly archetypical I still found them to have depth and complexity. Gemmell uses these different perspectives to explore several ideas about love and hate, revenge gmemell redemption – themes which, as with all his books, permeate the story. But will these warriors — once the best in the land — be enough to stem the tide of gruesome horror that threatens to envelop the world?

Winter Warriors – Wikipedia

And the wind will still blow tomorrow if you die today, so savid what is it all for and does it even matter? Oct 11, Anduril81 rated it really liked it. What regrets keep you up at night and what memories do you run from? Gemmell has always written inspiring heroes that rise to the call, but Bison, Kebra and Nogusta really shine for me. Veteran 10 reasons why Transformers: What do you hold to when you have nothing left?

Driven from the luxurious surroundings she is used to, the pregnant queen gekmell herself forced to flee for her life through dark forests and over snow-capped mountains, as the demonic forces snap at her heels. Those days ended when the second most powerful demon betrayed his people, damning them to purgatory so that men could inherit the Earth. The final part, the fate of the third king, rests in the hands of men. It’s been really hard not to read it, but I do plan on reading the rest as well.


Retrieved from ” https: The Drenai Saga 8Ciclo Drenai chronological order Her midwife, a Source priestess named Davudsenses a demonic presence over the city of Usawhere the royal palace is located. Winter Warriors is a book for those who should not, for those who can not — but for those who will, no matter what.

It was lacking an extra Gemmell flourish in the ending. It’s been a long time since I’ve read anything by David Gemmell.

Like the majority of David Gemmell’s books, I originally read this one when I was a kid. Dagorian – A young Drenai officer who gave up his ambition to become a priest following the death dqvid his father. I don’t want to admit its over. Winged demons gather, silent and unseen, above the city of Usa, their talons long and sharp.

Winter Warriors

About Winter Warriors Winged demons gather, silent and unseen, above the city davix Usa, their talons long and sharp. One of these warriors is Nogustaa black swordsman who is a descendant of Emsharas and wears a talisman which gives him the Gift of the Third Eye.

I never connected fully with the characters, always at an arms length.

His most recent Drenai and Rigante novels are available as Corgi paperbacks; all are Sunday Times bestsellers.

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