a mis en place une application visant à calculer le cycle menstruel de la femme . C’est de là qu’elle tire son nom KALANDA en référence à la phonétique du Le business model (Comment l’entreprise gagne de l’argent?). Download Cycle Menstruel apk for Android. Outil simple Calcule Automatique des dates importantes du cycle menstruel chez les femmes. L’ application. 23 sept. Comment calculer le cycle menstruel irrégulier Curbless bard and comment choisir son conjoint pdf reclining indolently. terence forced to.

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Basal Temperature Curve only shows the first 30 values entered. We took care comemnt every single e-mail, opinion and idea we received. Small bugfixes which happened to crash iWoman on the wheel overview page.

Thank you for your outstanding feedback. It gives us the ability to understand your needs and improve iWoman continuously. Informations Vendeur Stefan Eipeltauer.

If you like iWoman and would like to help us, please share your ideas and opinions with us by writing to support iwoman-app. What else can we say, a little lift was needed. A nifty little fix that caused mnestruel instances of iWoman to crash. Before you file a complaint, please drop us a line to support iwoman-app.


Thank for your Emails. The implementation of new functions was made possible by your feedback. This update solves a small bug some users experienced with the notifications of iWoman.

Items would vanish from calendar view if user moved between time zones. This time we smashed two bugs to make iWoman more stable and updated several languages. Customer feedback makes us happy. Now the day number is shown for all days in cycle view. Take a look with what we came up in response! Crash on iOS 5 when opening About Section.

We took care about every single e-mail, opinion and feedback we received. It showed a day off.

Cycle Menstruel

Thank you for your latest positive reviews. We are improving iWoman with every update. You know who you are. Please share your experience, needs and ideas with us: Take a look what we came up with in response! Runtastic Squats PRO coaching.

In some time zones the Today button on Wheel view would jump an incorrect day. Grandement personnalisable, iWoman te permet de choisir les fonctions dont tu as besoin.


Cycle Menstruel for Android – APK Download

Minor fixes for some time zone problems. All is fine in the house!

If you could send us your experience with the new version of iWoman we would be very happy and thankful: Thank you for updating! We calxuler appreciate your feedback.

Ouvrir le menu Fermer le menu Apple Shopping Bag. We took care about every single email, opinion and idea we received. The app got new functions, a beautiful user interface and a faster and easier way to add daily information to your personal cycle. Take a look what we came up menstruep

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