What will be on the CCSA R80 () exam? In Check Point shifted from certifying by version (i.e. R60, R65) to certifying by date. This Check Point CCSA video training series with Keith Barker covers how to configure and manage a Check Point deployment. Review Keith’s Check Point. TN CheckPoint Firewall – 1 NGX R65 CCSA/CCSE During this hands-on training course, you will earn your CCSA and CCSE the elite CheckPoint.

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Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Started By prodesigner91May 25 This course has been also waiting a long time for a new version. Please fill form below to obtain more info about this topic.

Posted 25 May – Training special offers from this vendor More information about courses from this vendor Additional information about topic above Printed Compendium CE courses catalogue Need urgent contact. I have been working on Checkpoint NGX for nearly 2 yrs now. All times are GMT Thanked by 84 Members:. My question here is – should I sit for R65 or R70?

Security Expert: the next step of Check Point R70 education available | News | Compendium CE

Tatarska 5, Krakow. Ccsa have the right to object to further processing, and if you agree to the processing of data for its withdrawal. Thanked by 43 Members:. Last year i had sat for the R65 course but didn’t get a chance to prepare and write for the CCSA exams.


Compendium Centrum Edukacyjne

This is due to the fact that R65 and R70 differ a lot. Please be advised that your personal data will not be profiled. So I’ll do the R65 exams because you can find everything about that, books, prep guides, exam questions of nearly every exam-question-sellers etc.

Table presented below allows you to select optimal certification path depending on your Check Point background. Join Date Posts 5 Rep Power 0.

CBT Nuggets – Check Point CCSA R65-R70

The data will be processed in order to send commercial and marketing information and send the newsletter on the basis of expressed consent. Rather than get into details here, I urge you to check out this announcement post. Originally Posted by Cccsa. Thanked by 43 Members: You currently have javascript disabled.

Originally Posted by chintoo. End of support for R70 is currently March so if you passed the R70 exam your cert would be current for 2 years longer. It’s a massive upgrade, and well worth checking out.


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Please log in to reply. Hi, I found out that the ccse can be also valid for 4 years csp partnerssee post: End of support for R65 is currently March so your R65 cert would only be current for 1 year. Skanderskander2NitaCalica23dftommymzarififarkalo1lainasergeAkramSeyamsaileshastardjievricardoraulcharlesbinny1karferaDonnieDarkobaviskarpravinHarnikTruthtonyzhuenoughhanyalyscam3rzuzu2vijayprabhunando25vmnithadrmastasahoo12OkanAkgunduzdenzilsequeiraramankuttanrsutharSpiderBmkoolRoninceomacmaccpuzkaiIvanplussureshgopupitsonj7patnaikDelegationmindspring05tomisacoolpratmronehandsomemanramneetsukhidinoc93memphis12Googles94xiangfeiflyrocheybranoo92rockteenvignesh ccwa, OscarBravo11 r665, asifhamidulwapwiz1johnsonasccna23, ismailBadboyzjohanwarrioronimarukaimavisSasquatchpepel05vthirumalaikumarsdktchenrajneeshpanwarpaljianjmukuyachooothickzzabdulrashipedritoccnpmplc4ufujitsuDiavoli.

Results 1 to 7 of 7. Board T65 to top. Join Date Posts 17 Rep Power 0.

cisco ccie security attempt: Checkpoint CCSA instead of CCIE Written

Tim Hall has done it again! While going through the various posts on the forums I have cited reference of the R70 exam being the most uptodate version.

Hi All, I am bit confused at the moment. Several functions may not work. Tatarska 5, Krakow for statistical and marketing purposes in accordance with the Law on the Protection of Personal Data of Skanderskander2NitaCalica23dftommymzarififarkalo1lainasergehacktheworldGigabitcharlesbinny1baviskarpravinTruthenoughhanyalyscam3rzuzu2vijayprabhuhadrasahoo12ramankuttanmkoolRoninceosubramanyasastrymacmacsureshgopuDelegationmrramneetdinoc93xiangfeiflybranoo92wapccna23, ismailjohanwarrioronimarukaimiddleshailSasquatchrajeshannethickzzabdulrashi [Show].

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