The problem with Acrobat is that they changed the naming convention for DDE commands. For the version 11 you have to use AcroviewA Still in [Exec\Acrobat ] comment out the “DDEOpen” This should make WinEdt stop showing the warning “Cannot Open DDE Link to:” You I switched to Sumatra PDF, which works well with my WinEdt Using Sumatra but still encountering DDE acrobat based error the pdf in Sumatra I encounter the following error: Cannot Open DDE Link to.

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Does anyone know how to solve it?? I went as far as to go to the help menu and perform a search query for “Protected Mode” with 0 results, and then I reduced the query to “Protected” cannof only 3 results, all of them unrelated. Seriously considering cancelling my license and switching to Nitro as this is becoming a joke.

This site uses cookies. This doesn’t work on my pc’s The issue is intermittant. Therefore, I’m asking a new question You are commenting using your Facebook account. The suggested solution of modifying the registry key worked for my installation as well – Win7x64, Acrobat Pro XI 32bit. With Sumaatra it is not necessary to load any package.

Consequently WinEdt will not be able to perform forward search or close the file that is being locked by Adobe before it is recompiled.


You can not post a blank message. I have machines I t to repair and do not want to miss the updates availability notification. Unable to use pdftex if Adobe is still open Ask Question. Worked like a charm.

You can read more about it on: Pdf’s do not open correct Re: Then found that could no longer double click on poen PDF and open it, or drag the file to the Acrobat window and open it. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

Cannot Open DDE Link

Can someone help me? So, not the same problem, though in fact discussion has been all over the place. The problem developed for me suddenly last night, I’m not a ‘computer savvy’ person so would appreciate basic steps to fix the issue as I use pdfs all the time. The format of the string is:. Is your solution applicable to Acrobat X on a Windows 7 machine? This has been such a pain! Also make sure you have updated your TeX installation as only recent releases of pdftex support this feature TeXLive and MikTex 2.

If you are using my own build then go to SumatraPDF setting dialog and set up the inverse search command from there.

Problems with Winedt 7 and Adobe Acrobat?

The first 0 in the parameters indicates that you want to view the result in any existing window where the given PDF document is opened; a new window will be created if the PDF is not already opened. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.


Thank you for your patience. If your are using synchronization based on the pdfsync package then you can just compile your TeX file as usually. This update will be automatically pushed to all existing sumata of Acrobat and Reader.

Installation instructions are provided in the zip file. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Will this patch be released as an update or as a resolution patch? For more details on the synchronization feature of SumatraPDF, check the following posts: You are commenting using your WordPress.

Configuring editors with SumatraPDF

Use Sumatra pdf instead. I never added a “me too” I only replied That having been said, I still have a CS6 version of Acrobat that will not run on a Windows 7 machine. Resolved that by repairing the Acrobat XI installation. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Go to original post. The second 0 tells SumatraPDF to stay in the background and leave the focus to the text editor.

When compiling your source file, LaTeX will generate a. However you need to specify the ‘synctex’ switch when compiling your document with pdflatex:.

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