The work of Sitte is not exactly a criticism of Mainly an urban planning theory book, it has a. Source: Camillo Sitte, City Planning According to Artistic Principles, trans. In the field of city planning the limitations on artistry of arrangement have, to be sure . Camillo Sitte distinguished himself in the art of city planning culminating in his seminal work City Planning According to Artistic Principles with a great influence .

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In our public life much has irrevocably changed, depriving certain old building forms of their original purpose, and about this nothing can be done.

Artistically speaking, not one of them is of any interest, for in their veins pulses not a single drop of artistic blood. Nowhere can the bankruptcy of all artistic feeling and tradition be more clearly perceived than here.

We are the world 2. Hi fellas, Thank you so much for this wonderful article really! That sort of thing is for us, at the moment, an impossibility. Broad circumvallating boulevards were usually developed on the circuit of abandoned fortifications—in Vienna, Hamburg, Munich, Leipzig, Breslau, Bremen, Hanover; at Prague between the Altstadt and the Neustadt; at Antwerp; as a pentagon at Wurzburg Juliuspromenade, Hofpromenade, etc.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. The Art of Building Cities: Share your thoughts with other customers. The overwhelming majority of their side streets are artistically unimportant, and only the tourist in his exceptionally predisposed mood finds them beautiful, because he likes everything he sees.

Artistically contrived streets and plazas might be wrested even from the gridiron system if the traffic expert would just let the artist peer over his shoulder occasionally or would set aside his compass and drawing board now and then.


His theories were widely influential for many practiticians, like Karl Henrici and Theodor Fischer. View my complete profile. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. They are of no concern artistically, because they are inapprehensible in their entirety.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Austrian architects Austrian urban planners Urban theorists births deaths. In tl straight streets of identical width between such blocks, the circular forms would be transformed into regular hexagons, as used in tile patterns or in the honeycomb.

Sitte emphasized the creation of an irregular urban structure, spacious plazas, enhanced by monuments and other aesthetic elements.


The rectangular city block prevailed here to such a degree that even street names were considered superfluous, the city blocks being designated merely by letters in one princi;les and by numbers in the other. Even this slight profit would be enough to justify street greenery wherever possible.

The situation is much worse when streets actually cross completely Fig. This page was last edited on 18 Novemberat He makes sitts study of the spatial structures of the cities, squares, monuments, and confronts the living beauty and creativity of the most ancient ones with the sterility of the new cities.

Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. By sitting the statue away from the central axis it removes any interference with circulation, and views to the entrances and buildings. Between and it was edited five times. The nature of the city: Thus from a purely geometrical point of view circular blocks of buildings would be the most favorable, and, indeed, in the same configuration as that in which large balls of equal size can be pushed the closest together, namely six around one in the middle.

The richly illustrated book pointed out that the urban room around the experiencing man should be the leading motif of urban planning, thus turning away from the pragmatic, hygienic planning procedures of the time. Sandbox Autofocus Hosted by ethz Blogs. Photographs are always of winter views, so that important architecture is at least partly visible between the bare branches; in fact, a drawing is frequently preferred to a photograph because with the former any disturbing trees can be left out entirely.


Hygienically speaking it is certainly quite indifferent whether these few trees stand there or not, since they provide neither shade nor coolness; rather they can scarcely be prevented from dying on account of the heat and dust.

AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. Architecture was a process of culturization for him. Manuel de Sola Morales.

Camillo Sitte

He studies from a psychological viewpoint accordjng perception of the proportions between the monuments and its surroundings, opposing the fashion of very wide streets and squares, and the dogma of orthogonality principlee symmetry; He fears that Urbanism would have become a mere technical task without any artistic involvement.

Sitte thought that the use of a grid led to inefficiency and hierarchically placed a critical element of town planning at the bottom of the list, public open space.

Nevertheless, his work is often used and cited as a criticism of the Modernist movement, its importance reemerging in the post-modernist movement of the late sixties. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Their designs follow key formulas, for example he believes that all entrances views into a plaza should not infringe on each other, and should enter from an obscure angle.

Mainly an urban planning theory book, it has a deep influence in architecture, as the two disciplines are deeply intertwined.

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