Well, it’s been a couple of months since my first post above and I’ve been flying my Calmato Sports pretty regularly. It’s a really easy flyer and. Kyosho CALMATO ALPHA 40 SPORTS – BLUE (EP/GP), Sussex Model Centre, ARTF Low Wing Trainer. My favourite sport plane came to a violent end last week thanks to a tree and I have the Calmato 40 trainer that flys well and is quite agile and.

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It wouldn’t work if the plane was a taildragger and would work no better as part of tricycle gear. Includes pre-assembled fuel tank. Urethane clear coating can also be applied to prevent wrinkling over long time periods and unlike PVC films, dry-type cover film can also be applied for damage repairs. To my surprise, this plane does a knife edge as well or better than any plane I have owned.

You may type here the item or what you like to search for. I was super impressed upon opening the box as everything seems very well done and much of the usually required ARF construction was already done. Delivery costs are calculated at checkout depending on destination and order contents. The lightweight design realizes calm controllability. Find More Posts by jckck. Notification for this product. I am curious though as to why you would buy another plane that is so similiar in looks, color scheme and probably performance??

Locate their attachment a bit aft the expected CG. The stability with optimal manoeuvrability allows low wingers to fly stunts like loops and rolls. The covering on mine hasn’t shown any real problems, but that might have something to do with my standard assembly method.


Includes stylishly painted calmsto for EP version. Hi everyone just got myself one of this birds and I am trying to learn some advice from you guys, any latest news or updates from this plane?

Servo bed is fixed so no difficult steps remain to complete. It’s been flown every week since, maybe 3 days a week on average. They were seriously out of alignment and allowed no movement whatsoever. Send a private message to Eduardo Lander Jr. So I started to fiddle around with different ways to change the thrust angle and in the process one of the firewall deadbolts torn loose!

CALMATO ALPHA 40 Sports Toughlon Spec. (Purple) EP/GP ARF 11255P

Send a private message to tIANci. Both embody the definitive stability of the CALMATO series with optimal maneuverability allowing low wing airplane beginners to fly stunts like loops and rolls. Yes, the left thrust angle is there for a purpose. Well for a couple of years now I keep reading the same thing about how the Kyosho planes fly well but how the covering starts to peel calnato from the plane in short order.

I bought four, crashed one, have two flying one 40 with an OSF91 and one 90 witha 1. Basically, the airplane got some bad press in the other threads. Includes motor mount with 25mm mounting hole pitch. Sign-up now to stay informed!

I’m a maggot with 3D but this plane is so much fun and great to teach my son due to slow flying and big throws that let you get out of trouble very quicly. I followed the instructions provided with the Calmato and had no spkrts whatsover. I owned a few Kyoshos and the covering always comes off, I think they use Solarfilm.


As the next step up from high-wing airplanes, the Calmato 40 Sports is an obvious choice!

Tail wing is secured simply by screwing in two bolts. They attach to the wing right where Kyosho says the CG should be.

KYOSHO CALMATO ALPHA 40 SPORTS RED ARF | Sport & Scale Airplanes | Lindinger

Advanced glow fuel resistant Toughlon film covering is more resistant to wrinkling and sagging than normal PVC film. I hope they’ve just got one or two workers packing the ARFs who are pulling parts from the wrong bin, but calamto still a mistake that shouldn’t happen at all.

Mine were fairly tight at first, but loosened up with a little cakmato and travel. Discussion Kyosho Calmato 40 sports still a good plane? I just got one of the older versions second hand this summer, and was absolutely comfortable with it from the get-go. Compatible with backplate mounted outrunner motors. Engine room has been coated in glow fuel resistant paint for extra durability. D11 x P7-D12 x P8 sold separately. Brutus The great Brutifier.

I hopefully have attached a pic correctly! Since the construction is similar, we will focus on the differences between the Sports version and Trainer Anyway, if anyone calmwto has one of these I’d sure like to know if yours also have the left thrusts on the firewall is it there fora purpose?

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