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TestoRapid Alpha Pharma (Testosterone Propionate 100mg) [vial] ,

Manufacturer: Alpha Pharma
Substance: Testosterone Propionate
Package: 100 mg/ml (10 ml)


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Buy TestoRapid Alpha Pharma (Testosterone Propionate 100mg) [vial]

TestoRapid (Testosterone Propionate) is an effective, fast-acting anabolic drug which is an oil solution of the ether of testosterone. The effect of steroid is typical of all drugs from the group of testosterone – injections great effect on the growth of muscle mass, strength and endurance, and if you are not confused frequent injections, it buy TestoRapid Alpha Pharma is a great idea, especially for athletes, who will have to compete. For many bodybuilders Testosterone Propionate has become an integral part of the finish line for the performances, because its use allows with minimal strain on the body quickly gain muscle mass.

Unlike many other anabolic steroids, the effect of TestoRapid is felt almost immediately after injection. The athlete feels serious lifting force that allows to make training as effective as possible. But we must not forget that the effect of this drug lasts a maximum of 2-3 days, so it must be administered once in two or three days. Testosterone Propionate can be considered quite a natural human hormone as it is secreted seminal glands of males, ovaries of females (small amounts), but also those and other adrenal cortex. In this regard, the negative impact on the body of this steroid is low and buy Testosterone Propionate can be recommended even for novice athletes.

TestoRapid (Testosterone Propionate) Dosage

For men dosage TestoRapid is 50-100 mg every two or three days. Women are not recommended to enter more than 25 mg every 5-7 days, as this dose allows the body to keep testosterone levels at an acceptable level.

Also among the indisputable advantages of the drug you can call it a great compatibility with other anabolic steroids, in conjunction with which, TestoRapid operates more efficiently. Proved itself to the use of this steroid with Winstrol, which displays the fluid is detained in the body propionate. Also incredible results can be achieved by intelligently combining Testosterone Propionate with Dianabol or Turinabol. But if you do not want to experiment, you can always use injection of this steroid is without additions – the result will not keep itself waiting long.

TestoRapid (Testosterone Propionate) Side Effects

Like any other anabolic steroid TestoRapid Alpha Pharma has its side effects. Among the problems that can occur in athletes in the process cycle or immediately after it, can be called gynecomastia, decreased production of testosterone and eruption, which, however, is not as common as the use of other drugs.