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StanoPrime Eminence Labs (Winstrol, Stanozolol 50mg) , , ,

Manufacturer: Eminence Labs
Substance: Stanozolol injectable
Package: 50 mg/ml (10 amp.)


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Buy StanoPrime Eminence Labs (Winstrol Depot, Stanozolol 50mg)

StanoPrime (Winstrol Depot) is one of the world’s most popular anabolic steroid, the active substance of which, Stanozolol, surely familiar to any serious bodybuilder. Despite the fact that Stanozolol is its chemical composition is very close to dihydrotestosterone, is among the athletes it is more popular due to its more gentle action. You can sometimes hear the opinion that the drug has not too pronounced anabolic effect, but it’s not enough to buy Winstrol Depot and go through the loop to make sure that the steroid perfectly copes with the task of building muscle, but it doesn’t have the nasty ability to hold water in the body, sin than other drugs for example Dianabol.

One of the main advantages of Stanozolol, which is part of the drug StanoPrime is the impossibility of its transformation into estrogen. That is why experts in sports pharmacology is recommended to buy StanoPrime Eminence Labs those athletes who are predisposed to gynecomastia and fat deposition on the body of the female type. Taking anti-estrogens, in conjunction with Winstrol Depot is not required, which significantly reduces the load on the liver. Due to the fact that the drug does not retain water in the body, it is actively used not only in endurance sports, but in athletics, where lean muscle and explosive energy is particularly valuable.

StanoPrime (Winstrol Depot, Stanozolol) Dosage

Buy StanoPrime in the form of injections and in oral form. Despite the fact that the composition of the tablets and solution for injection are absolutely identical, the injection contains a large concentration of the active substance. Also, many people prefer Winstrol Depot injections for the reason that they are cheaper tablets and not affect the liver. At the same time, for women it is preferable oral form of the drug due to the fact that high levels of Stanozolol injections can cause the formation of excess androgens. StanoPrime in oral form men use 15-25 mg per day and for injecting the dose may be 25-50 mg. For women is recommended the use of steroid 5-10 mg tablets.

StanoPrime (Winstrol Depot, Stanozolol) Cycle

StanoPrime very often combined with other steroids, to achieve a greater effect for the short period of time. For example, many athletes say that in the precompetitive period proved itself to be a combination of Winstrol Depot with drugs that do not cause aromatization, such as with Trenbolone. This complex in addition to volume gives the muscles hardness and topography.