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ProPrime Eminence Labs (Testosterone Propionate 100mg) ,

Manufacturer: Eminence Labs
Substance: Testosterone Propionate
Package: 100 mg/ml (10 amp.)


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Buy ProPrime Eminence Labs (Testosterone Propionate 100mg)

ProPrime (Testosterone Propionate) is one of essential compounds testosterone short period, but strong anabolic and androgenic effect. It is well dry the muscles before competitions, making the figure prominent.

ProPrime Eminence Labs does not apply to tools that help you quickly gain 8-10 pounds in a week, so many young athletes it is ignored and it is in vain. Testosterone Propionate due to the fast period gives you the opportunity to immediately start active exercises without extensive training.

ProPrime increases the level of testosterone in the blood immediately after injection. An athlete feels the rush of physical activity and can immediately start active exercises without harm for health, since the drug does not retain water in the body. In a few weeks you can move to more complex and heavy drugs to help gain muscle mass. Testosterone Propionate has no negative impact on the kidneys and liver, rapidly excreted from the body. Due to the lack of side effects is very much appreciated by women athletes.

ProPrime (Testosterone Propionate) Cycle

ProPrime can be taken in a cycle only, or in combination with other drugs (second is more effective).

Dose for novice athletes is 50 mg a day. Professionals take 100mg/day.

In order to avoid negative effects, you must include aromatase inhibitors/Proviron from day 8 of the course. After completion of the course recommended Tamoxifen, and cortisol blockers to preserve broken athlete muscle mass. An additional element for a set of muscle mass is a meat-stacked diet and proper nutrition.

I want to note that taking any type of Testosterone Propionate, the body is General. So the local effect is completely absent. Thus, the widely applied practice of professional athletes, when in the right place is injected this drug (biceps, deltoid, etc.), does not work. This is confirmed by numerous studies. When you apply ProPrime not been marked asymmetry of the muscular system of athletes.

ProPrime (Testosterone Propionate) Side Effects

ProPrime Eminence Labs has few side effects. This is due to the least subsidence of the active substance in the body. This is the most harmless air of testosterone. Its side effects include:

  • As hair loss and accelerated hair growth;
  • Acne;
  • The lowering of natural testosterone;
  • Virilism in women;
  • Gynecomastia.

Side effects: when you use buy Testosterone Propionate appear less frequently than other testosterone esters, this is due to the lower dosage and lesser delay of the active substance, which usually leads to the use of his body for other purposes.

Side unpleasant effects, many note taking steroid is the pain of injection. Provided that you put it often, it becomes a significant factor affecting the choice of athletes.

While Testosterone Propionate has the least effect on the liver, completely eliminating the possibility of damage.

Prostate cancer, infarction, disorders of the liver and kidneys – the main contraindications to the use of ProPrime. With care it is administered and women, especially at a young age, especially if they wish to preserve their femininity.