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Androlic British Dispensary (Anadrol, Oxymetholone 50 mg) , , ,

Manufacturer: British Dispensary
Substance: Oxymetholone
Package: 50 mg/tab. (100 tab.)


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Oxymetholone is the most powerful tablet steroid on the market. Androlic significantly increases strength, improves endurance and protects the joints during intensive strength training. Androlic 50 perfectly suited for the tough start in the composition of a competent mix of anabolic drugs. True built course gives the ability to pump the maximum volume remaining for a long time, with proper post cycle therapy.

Androlic British Dispensary has the highest anabolic index which will handicap injective steroid drugs. Androlic tablets is a unique tool, as performs specialized tasks cooler the rest of the recognized steroids.

Experienced bodybuilders Oxymetholone 50 describe as a mixture of Methandienone and Testosterone. It has similar qualities, while, at the same time, Androlic 50 mg has the advantage, which made him as a legendary steroid like Equipoise and Trenbolone. Although the goals of the use of Equipoise, Parabolan, Androlic completely different, all of them belong to the elite means to bodybuilding.

Because of the unusual properties of Androlic 50 to increase the number of blood cells, a good cardio will provide you with hottest fat burning effects. It is important to notice the ability of British Dispensary Androlic to burn fat even if you’re on a high-calorie diet and gaining muscle mass.

Androlic 50 mg Effects Oxymetholone Steroids

  • Serious mass gains (the best performance of all steroids);
  • Increases the stamina of the athlete;
  • A significant increase in power performance;
  • Minimizes the possibility of injury, strengthen joints;
  • The effect of weight loss;
  • No serious unwanted effects.

Androlic Tablets Benefits – Oxymetholone 50

The use of Androlic tablets allows you to actively build the most muscle bulk. Because of the similarity with the derived test — dihydrotestosterone, Androlic British Dispensary can increase the power data from amateurs and experienced athletes. Androlic can be seen in the courses of the competing athletes. Strong anabolic nature Oxymetholone 50 water retention, which is also good for strength training, as it protects the joints from injury. The steroid allows constantly increase the load, these are athletes in the off-season.

Oxymetholone active substance enters the bloodstream in about 4 hours. The length of the output equal to eight hours, resulting during the day the steroid should be used several times.

Oxymetholone 50 mg it is foolish to use as a steroid for the accumulation of exclusively lean muscle, or to lose weight. He’s kind of a different purpose than that of Trenbolone or Equipoise. Androlic increases the effects of any other anabolic steroids, especially the androgenic impressive force. Androlic tablets are most often used in combination to anabolic background.

Very useful the fundamental advantage of the anabolic steroid British Dispensary Androlic — fat loss. Getting rid of fat mass using Androlic 50 mg maybe even during a set of muscles and high calorie food. The fact that to consume fats, even those that have been accumulated for a very long time, it becomes easier. Such an effect of the drug is due to active production of hemoglobin.

Androlic British Dispensary Cycle

Want to know how to take Androlic as efficiently as possible? On the Internet it is easy to read a lot of advice about how to use Oxymetholone 50. Cycle Androlic tablets is recommended to be combined with other anabolic steroids thus you will gain significant muscle mass and will save it for the end of the cycle.

Although Androlic 50 is an improved version of Methandienone on the cycle solo, he no doubt, will kick it’s ass. First of all Oxymetholone 50 mg acts as a cool catalyst Testosterone. British Dispensary Androlic enhances the effect of other steroids, and gives you the opportunity to quickly grow in strength and a huge pile of mass. Plus it will remove unnecessary fat, which greatly transforms the appearance of the athlete.

The cycle is really steep the weight is always based on the combination with other anabolic drugs. Androlic solo is every time a great result, but after you definitely will lose a considerable part of the obtained pounds. To preserve the newfound muscle mass requires substantial androgenic effect, in particular Testosterone. For a good build, it’s good to combine Androlic 50 with Equipoise, you can add a Testosterone lung doses. 600 mg Equipoise per week, 300 mg Testosterone a week and 50 mg Androlic per day will allow you to gain a lot of mass, and also not to drain it after finishing the cycle. This cycle lasts 2-2,5 months. Completing it, Androlic it is desirable to change the Methandienone, then to deliberately limit the synthesis of red blood cells. Their surplus will subtract the obtained muscle mass.

Androlic Side Effects Medical

Being incredibly powerful anabolic drug is the Oxymetholone side effects similar to steroids? Not really. For all his power, Androlic is quite safe steroid. He can’t catch gynecomastia and Trenbolone. Oxymetholone is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone, which anabolic drug is not converted into female hormones estrogen and does not gives side effects.

Rumor has it that Oxymetholone 50 is very hard on the liver. Detailed tests and many years of use of this drug has proved the opposite. With proper use, all liver values normal. The complexity possible in overdose — more than 300mg/day.

The cycle combined Androlic with Deca Durabolin, libido deteriorates significantly, there are signs of depression, indifference. Minus Androlic tablets is able to enhance the local estrogen receptors. A similar effect has Deca Durabolin and along these drugs to combine it is impossible. Mix the remaining substances of this side effect is not seen.

Androlic Reviews Bodybuilding

Huge capacity and amazing performance of this steroid has deserved greater glory. The most important quality Androlic 50 is to increase the impact of courses of other drugs. Numerous professional athletes often added in the course of tablets is Oxymetholone. Reviews are often positive. Unsatisfied athletes simply take Androlic tablets are not the best way. For example, solo. Reviews differ only due to the fact that an inexperienced newcomers do not understand how to get out of the cycle Androlic, due to the instantly poured the entire amount and be disappointed.

Many good responses were also linked with the availability of Androlic British Dispensary. As an anabolic steroid of the highest class, Androlic is quite cheap. Bodybuilders gladly add to my stack Oxymetholone 50 mg. The price allows you to buy Androlic stack and thorough, without spending too hard your budget.

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