Bunyoro: Bunyoro, East African kingdom that flourished from the 16th to the 19th century west of Lake Victoria, in present-day Uganda. Bunyoro was established. Court dismisses case against Bunyoro’s premier “I did not drag the king or kingdom to court. I filed a suit against Andrew Byakutaga because he is in that office. The Kingdom of Bunyoro-Kitara is the remainder of a once powerful empire of Kitara. At the hight of its glory, the empire included present day Masindi, Hoima.

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His wife he said had given birth and there was nothing for the mother and child to eat. Oukitatwaliire nyina- if a beast has not grabbed your mother. Bunyoro’s system of administration was a yardstick for all these newly created sub-dynasties. Help us improve this article!

History – Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom (Rep. Uganda) – The most powerful Kingdom in East Africa!

The movements of the Palwo and those of early Luo communities, which the Bito and Palwo had left bunyoroo northern Uganda, preceded a pace with those of the Ateker people. Random pit sampling yielded a minimum of 3 grams to 19 grams of alluvial gold per one cubic meter.

Today, the Banyoro are now agriculturalists who cultivate bananasmilletcassavayamscottontobaccocoffeeand rice.

Socially, people were organised in strong clans kindom the royal clan of the Kings, princes and princesses. Salt processing in Kibiro is still going on up to today. It was this sort of origin which determined the relationships between them and Bunyoro-Kitara, which in this case was considered the parent house of the royal families. Knowledge of a vast area was lost.

Bunyoro ministers visit kingdom’s former territories in Tanzania

Kitara Kings long performed these rites for other Kings of Kooki. His titles, however, are recognised by the Republic of Uganda. It asserts that Nyarwa was just left in the north Pawir as ruler and Mpuga had even appointed the people of Chope as chiefly successors before his formal take over. It was a name commemorating the possession of the royal drums and Insignia that were from the old supporters of the Bacwezi – the Basita clan and other drums which Rukidi brought with him from Pawir-Chope.


After one or two days, the body would be wrapped in cloth and a series bunoro rites would be carried out.

Profile – Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom (Rep. Uganda) – The most powerful Kingdom in East Africa!

Beyond these inner circles, there were other sub-dynasties which were established as a result of the raids which Bunyoro carried out against other distant territories. This made this Kingdom a lonely wild Abating.

Some other accounts reveal that Bunyoro did not go to war with her northern neighbours due to the fact that, she used to get soothsayers from the north of the Nile and as a consequence, held these people in ardent respect for their strong divination. Nyakoka the chief diviner however, never allowed him to get faint hearted; for he promised to guide him to Kitara and to lead him into the customs of the country.

The classification is primarily linguistic, for the cultural patterns of Bantu speakers are extremely diverse; the linguistic…. In the third part of our series on the election that brought war instead of peace, New Vision TV brings you the contentious kingodm that remained sticky during the campaigns until the elections that ended in bloodshed. Also pregnant women were banned from participating in the funeral as it was believed the negative magical forces related to burial kihgdom be too strong for the unborn child to survive.

The relationship between Bunyoro and these communities did not in away imply subordination, though Bunyoro was far larger and a bumyoro powerful kingdom. Promote electronic information technology application and utilization through the establishment of a multipurpose community telecentre. Death was almost always believed to be the work of evil magic, ghosts, or similar. The rest of the servants carried other spears like Nyakakooto, Kaizireigo and many other things.


Soldiers, historians and Kinyoro oral sources record looting of the Kingdom. He ignored the scientific advice Dr. Mubimba got very happy to see that the King had accepted his kingddom and thanked him gratefully.

Apart from the historical bonds, friendly relationships between Bunyoro and her neighbours flourished because of the trade which was profitable to all parties involved. The King is also working to maintain the traditional Bunyoro culture, but at the same time altering the honors of the kingdom in a way that they can be compared to western standards. Kasoira who held a long discussion with Rukidi Mpuga told him that the Bacwezi had left Kitara kingdm would not come back.

He settled down among the people of Buganda and as his power increased the tributes he used to send to Bunyoro gradually became less, until they ceased altogether and Kato proclaimed himself independent and Buganda a separate Kingdom.

After they read it at the mess table they decided that the unprotected natives were to be shot on sight. For royal traditions see Omukama of Bunyodo. According to Babworo tradition, they joined Rukidi Mpuga and travelled with him as far down as Bugahya kihgdom they apparently settled. This made it the strongest military and economic power in the Great Lakes area.

The kingdom continued to expand under its priest-kings until aboutwhen it started to lose territory to its neighbour, Buganda.

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