Benjamin William “Ben” Bova (born November 8, ) is an American writer. He is the author Ben Bova. Ben Bova in . Orion and King Arthur. Tor Tom. Orion is a time travel science fiction novel by Ben Bova. The idea is so neat, that this easily could have been one of my all time favourites. I. Ingram The exciting beginning of Bova’s popular “Orion” saga, this is the story of John O’Ryan, a man who awakens one day to discover that he is the leader of a.

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I didn’t like the part on the Mongol Empire. At Avco Everett he met Arthur R. I do have abilities that are far beyond those of any normal man”s, but I am just as human and mortal as anyone on Earth.

I now bofa to read the whole series. A wonderful sci-fi with a mind-blowing twist.

Sounds great doesn’t it? Trivia About Orion Orion, 1. Found it in the bookshelf of a resort. As the firemen extinguished the smoldering blaze, the police laid out four dead bodies on the sidewalk and covered them with blankets.

A couple of secret lovers sat well toward the rear, holding hands furtively, glancing up toward the door every few seconds. The eternal love that originates in one look isn’t exactly realistic.


Ben Bova – Wikipedia

Mercy Hospital was printed along its side paneling. Bova dedicated the novel to “Cordwainer Bird”, the pen name Ellison uses when he does not want to be associated with a television or film project. Oct 20, Joe rated it liked it. I finished my coffee and decided to orio for my check, then stop at the model”s table on my way out.

The book uses a language that allows it to be both boca and simple yet surprisingly expressive which is quite enjoyable such the quote below describing a laser gun.

Orion (Orion, book 1) by Ben Bova

To gen other readers questions about Orionplease sign up. Feb 22, Chetan Anand rated it liked it. James Guide to Science Fiction Writers 4th ed.

Ryan, who soon learns his real identity is Orion, the hunter, appears at different key moments in history, and, in each case, influences its development positively. Then–smoke, screams, the heat of flames, the acrid smell of the explosive. The story itself is pretty good, but the concepts are what really sold me.


I felt that I knew him, that I had met him long ago. They were gone by the time I had pulled myself up off the floor. Bova does a great job orjon his portrayal of the various eras and with the mystery behind the characters’ motivations. It has commentary about how human beings are bloodthirsty and boga, and that is our natural state.


Anya and Ormazd debate Orion’s fate. Or that I may have read this in the future. Preview — Orion by Ben Bova.

Orion Series

Who was responsible for the bombing? Refresh and try again.

Share this review Google Pinterest Facebook Twitter. Then I went back in and brought out another couple. Ultimately, he realizes that the dark man is a Neanderthal who is trying to save his race, because the group that became humanity was oion articificially ‘planted’ on the Earth by outside forces.

The first time I read this book I was The novel hooked me when Mongols came into picture. Morgan ‘s hardboiled cyberpunk science-fiction novel Altered Carbon Were they trying to kill her? With a visible effort, she tore her gaze away from the golden man and looked toward me. It took me back to those adolescent days. The medics were treating the wounded. Ryan soon realizes that the dark figure is moving forward through time; each time the two meet, the dark figure is less angry and less menacing.

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