Belladonna by Karen Moline – book cover, description, publication history. Belladonna was sold as a sexual slave for $1 million. After years of abuse at the hands of an anonymous English aristocrat and his peers she escapes with her. Filled with the mesmerizing eroticism of an Anne Rice novel, this new work by the author of “Lunch” presents the tale of a mysterious woman whose tortured past.

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So many emotions play out in Belladonna, as the story unfolds you want to weep for the character and those surrounding her, this explores dominance at it’s cruelest, bittersweet revenge?

Belladonna Karen Moline No preview available – The notorious femme fatale Belladonna, who’s always masked and who Many of us have wanted to, but we’ve never had the satisfaction of doing so. His range of delivery is remarkable, and his mastery of the emotive final chapter is superb – I look forward to hearing more of his readings. Luckily this was purchased on a whim very cheaply at my local used book store for a dollar so no real harm done.

I absolutely love the story, the characters and even the not so pleasant parts of this book. I think the concept bellxdonna revenge appealed to me, as it would many people. It has some trashy, cheesy elements but the revenge story is much more ruthless and calculating. It was ok, but not as good as I had thought it was in high school.


Tim Curry did a wondrful job, particularly with the women’s voices in the story. I love the entire escapade of the Club Belladonna. I quickly looked for other work done by Tim Cury! Almost all of the characters are exceptionally developed throughout the whole story that spans over years.


Belladonna by Karen Moline

As the front of the cover states, Belladonna is a story of revenge. Now, after an odyssey of escape, flight, and transformation, the bejeweled and utterly mysterious Belladonna will appear in swank ‘s Manhattan to create a spectacular nightclub. A Novel of Revenge by Karen Moline.

That said it is dealt with sensitively, despite the book being about revenge. Sex and revenge makes a heady but scary mix View all 3 comments. Which character — as performed by Tim Curry — was your favourite?

You have been warned.

Belladonna Audiobook | Karen Moline |

If everyone was honest with themselves, I think everybody harbors fantasies of “revenge” against someone who has wronged them at some point in life. The arrogant condescension of the narrator, Matteo, is done in such a way that you find yourself looking up to him as a child to a master story-teller. It’s gotten me to look for more audiobooks read by Tim Curry. Not erotic at all Maybe the full text is erotic but this audio book had none of it. Always masked, as those who tormented her were, Belladonna will captivate both imaginations and hearts.

Which scene was your favorite? This book is total escapism and I love it. The year belaldonnaand Isabella, innocent, spirited, and trusting, is about to bekladonna taken from the world she knows and subjected to the whims of a cabal of wealthy aristocrats who answer to no laws but their own.

I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not, forgetting most of the book. Always masked, as those who tormented her were, Belladonna will captivate both imaginations and hearts. Dec 21, Recynd rated it it was amazing Shelves: This title is terrible in every sense, being both badly written and badly read. Slow to develop, The story is intriguing and I listened all the way to the end.


A modern take on a Hellfire Club from the perspective of one of the victims. The author never quite manages to choose either. Grand Central Pub Availability: This book has become my favorite novel by far. He is just so belladonja suited for the character that he reads as, that the story has a kareen flow? One of these, Thomasino, an Italian partisan castrated by the Gestapo, narrates the story – how he and his brother nurse On the whole, the novel’s quite trite and unconvincing.

If you want an entertaining listen with a hint of erotica this is a good choice. Just a warning there are some elements in this book that some might find disturbing. Belladonna is a very good read and will keep you engaged for days! Dec 23, DoctorM rated it it was ok. Still well worth the read. Rooting for the ‘family’ that Belladonna creates after escaping her captivity as well as her dark desire for revenge is a theme anyone may understand.

Curry has a grand old time, stopping just short of camp, telling the belkadonna, and the approach works perfectly. Starts out slow, then picks up the pace. It’s ok, kind of dark but overall a good read. What did you like best about this story?

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