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Most valuable player of the regular championship of the American League baseball Barry Bonds might have used steroids. It said the lawyers, adding, however, that the athlete could do it in the dark, using various cosmetics that contain prohibited ingredients. Barry Bonds used the funds on the advice of his personal trainer and friend Greg Anderson, who was prosecuted for distributing steroids from the well-known laboratory “BALСO”.

barry bonds used steroids30 days of house arrest, two years probation, 250 hours of community service and 4 thousand dollar fine – a sentence handed down to Barry Bonds in San Francisco Federal judge Susan Illston. “Almost ridiculous sentence,” – said at a press conference, assistant U.S. attorney Matthew Parella, was required for Barry Bonds 15-month prison sentence. But Dennis Riordan, one of Barry Bonds lawyers, disagrees. He filed an appeal, requesting a full acquittal of his client: no house arrests, no conditional punishment, no community service and no fines. In april, Barry Bonds was convicted of lying under oath. This is a serious crime. Suffice it to recall that the House of representatives criticized President Bill Clinton’s impeachment for lying under oath. Another example: the soviet spy alger hiss was convicted of lying under oath to five years in prison. As for the verdict of Barry Bonds, then…

Building Barry Bonds in Beverly Hills. It has six bedrooms and ten bathrooms, a gym and a swimming pool. One of you, the reader, would spend in this house a 30-day vacation? Over 22 years of professional career Barry Bonds earned 188 million dollars, and could be the punishment for it 4 th penalty?

Why Did Barry Bonds Use Steroids?

Barry Bonds was at the center of a Federal investigation related to steroids. Not a single sane person didn’t arise the slightest doubt that he beat a baseball record not only thanks to the skill, but also steroids. However, the feds failed to prove it. The personal trainer Greg Anderson refused to answer questions from a grand jury and thereby saved his ward. Anderson was punished for it by imprisonment.

Steroids helped Barry Bonds set the record of the Major League Baseball (MLB), the total number of home runs (762) and the number of home runs in a single season (73 in 2001). Desirable, however, to be hoped that the Committee’s tribute to the baseball heroes in the Pantheon of fame will reassess records of Barry Bonds and reject his candidacy.