The Arcanum is a fantasy role-playing game (RPG) originally published by Bard Games, set in The origin of both the “Complete Series” and eventual “Atlantean Trilogy” came out of a (Jerry D. Grayson) owns the rights to The Lexicon and The Bestiary, the original follow on books will not be released by ZiLa Games. THE LEXICON is the cyclopedia and atlas of the Atlantean world, and the second book of Bard Games’ ATLANTEAN TRILOGY (the companion volumes being. I soon found the Bestiary and the Lexicon published in one book (I don’t If the Atlantean Trilogy is at the dawn of the world, Talislanta takes.

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I’ve been interested in RPGs for decades and never seen or heard of Arcanum.

The first time some of this material saw print was in the “Compleat” series by Bard Games. David Ladage and Jerry D. I sent in a check to Bard Games. Illustrations in the books include ink drawings by artist Bill Sienkiewicz.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Then, Bard Games put out these three books.

GURPS Atlantis includes rules for underwater operations, stats for a wide range of submarines, and no less than three campaign backgrounds – one high fantasy, one conspiratorial, and one for steampunk or superhero games. However, instead of featuring a fictitious world, Arcanum is based in a pseudo-historical version of the real world and features historical mythology and creatures from actual myth, such as hantu, bakru, alastorbat horin, korupiru, and balaha.

Please select a support frequency. The game is set on the lost continents of Atlantis, Hyperboria, and Lemuria. Hit points are loosely tied to class and level, as well: Easy to remember, easy to apply and easily consistent. This first edition was quickly followed by a cleaned up and expanded Second Edition as clearly indicated on the cover in This page was last edited on 9 Augustat This is one of those games I kinda wish had reached ascendancy, but it is a very different game than it started out as.


The skill list not only included Martial Arts, several different sub-types of Acrobatics, but also Knife Throwing, which gave you the ability to “call” lrxicon shot to any location, including throat, heart, etc. Luis Arvie on Musing on Guilds. I’m looking forward to reading the rules and the setting. He had a copy of the Arcanum, the first edition, the cover in living greyscale.

The Atlantean Trilogy | RPG | RPGGeek

Along with contributing and producing many more books in the Talislanta Milieu including a fiction anthologySechi also wrote Bard’s Atlantis and Complete Adventurer series, recorded three CDs based on music from Talislanta, wrote the Pandemonium!

They also had extensive rules for the properties of various plants and metals, alchemical rules, signs and symbols, and ,exicon research. Anything you remember house ruling or links you remember regarding house rules for this system? April 2, at 9: Atlas of the Lost World of Atlantis”.

Howard’s Hyborian Age even going so far as to use some of the names, themselves taken from ancient historybut everything was ripped from myth and folklore and ancient cultures. Books by Stephan Michael Sechi.

RPG Archive: Atlantean Trilogy | Voyages in Eternity

The standard offensive tactics were in there — melee, missile, hand-to-hand, dirty tricks, and called shot. I read this blog a few months ago and scored versions of Arcanum and just love the details to the magic, combat and detail to alchemy and herbalism.

I picked up the Death’s Edge version so hopefully that stays true to what sounds like an excellent system. American role-playing games Fantasy role-playing games Role-playing games introduced in Tabletop games. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in fantasy roleplaying games. Gone were the nebulous Armor Class rules and attack matrices and saving throws.

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This was followed by The Bestiary [4] in Beware my Atlantean Spirit! The addition of Speed and Perception attributes, and renaming of Wisdom to Will… all fairly typical adjustments on the familiar theme. These two books were republished in as a single book, with some new material, entitled Atlantis, the Lost World.

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Was it similar to the original Bard Games version, or did they rework the mechanics? Class Based Pilot, Wizard, Scientist, etc. You are commenting using your Facebook account. AC was gone, so Armor actually subtracted points from your damage, based on whether it was leather, ring, chain, plate, ad infinitum.

Views Read Edit View history. This site uses cookies. A whole new approach to magic – that of the resonance, powered by the mystical metal orichalcum – is provided, with 10 trilgy spells.

The Lexicon: Atlas of the Lost World of Atlantis (Atlantean Trilogy RPG)

The agreement between K. The Arcanum has many connections to the later world of Talislanta, but retains its own particular flavor. All of this gave the game a definite flavor, a “feel” to it. Atlas of the Lost World of Atlantis 2nd Edition “The legendary prehistory of mankind resurfaces in the Atlantean Trilogy, an extraordinary fantasy role-playing series. The skills available for purchase run the gamut: This page does not exist.

In a nutshell, the world suffered a massive Cataclysm, and Atlantis is a shadow of its former self. The geographic regions and real-world influences are: I looked through it, and was enrapt with the game-related art inside.

Neutrals uphold and maintain their own beliefs.

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