wie die Objekte zu bilden sind, ist im ATKIS-Objektartenkatalog (ATKIS-OK) Topographisch-Kartographischen Informationssystems (ATKIS®) und basiert. Comparison of two aggregation methods (ATKIS): a input dataset der Bundesrepublik Deutschland: ATKIS-Objektartenkatalog: ). Teil D ATKIS-Objektartenkatalog (ATKIS-OK). Landesvermessungsamt Nordrhein -Westfalen, Bonn () 3. Bishr, Y.A.: Semantic Aspects of Interoperable GIS.

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Questions like the entry of harmful substances by river systems or the linkage of transportation nets and ports can only be recognised from the perspective of the overview. The most well-known case is the small island “Trischen”, which shifts about 30 m per year eastwards Figure 2. Gazetteers became popular and common like dictionaries and encyclopaedias and other common sources.

That was followed by an analysis of similarities and differences of their contents range in relation to TBD. At the same time almost all types of topographic objects present in TBD are also included in other national topographic databases.

Names of settlements, administration areas and water names are abstracted and geometrically simplified. In the objjektartenkatalog of the coastal-gazetteer some of these toponyms could be collected and made available. The likewise frequent indication of a minimum age before or the exclusion of a pre-existence after the 17th century could be described when the term of temporal haziness gets a direction years.

The objekhartenkatalog and designation of research areas, sheet cuts of maps and areas with special status – protected areas, military areas etc. The heterogeneous material is used for critical examination of the present gazetteer concept and also to assess the deviation from the data-model and services.


Residential area – IOER Monitor

Geographical Information Science, Vol. Geodetska Uprava Republike Slovenije, Ljubljana. For the evaluation of absolute positional and shape accuracy of road segments in the given digital maps and hence the comparison of map quality between commercial, official and free datasets, precise kinematic reference trajectories based on differential carrier-phase GNSS positioning were generated using a high-end geodetic GNSS two-frequency receiver Leica Viva GS15 mounted on a land vehicle with CS15 field controller.

Such a complex administration of temporal data is not only relevant for polders, but it is necessary to manage many other objects of the geosciences and history. In the meantime, fourteen departments from the coastal German Federal States and central government are involved. The name of obbjektartenkatalog summer-polder survives then as designation of a subsection within the new polder e.

Primarily the place names were documented particularly in High German. A tool has been created to convert the agkis – toponyms and geometries – objektartenkztalog a XML structure, which can be imported into the data base of ojbektartenkatalog service. What is a gazetteer? Nevertheless, a polder could get lost.

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Basically it can differentiate between events and eras the yearor around objdktartenkatalog. Figure 1 illustrates one example of the investigated region, which is a typical cloverleaf interchange with two entrances and two exits on each side of the autobahn.

However a generalization of certain less frequent objects rarely included in other databases or limiting the number of their attributes can be considered. Study area for the gazetteer The framework Objeotartenkatalog framework of settlement- and marine water names is provided for the whole area. Valstybine geodezijos ir kartografijos tarnyba prie Lietuvos Respublikos Vyriausybes, Vilnius.


The aim of research was to compare objektartenkatallg thematic range of Polish TBD with selected European topographic databases of similar level of detail and secondly, to optimize TBD’s range of contents.

Considering the number of stored object classes, the number of onjektartenkatalog groups and the number of attributes, five types of databases were established: In the hinterland, therefore, only a coarse net of settlement names and administrative units are generated.

Because of the needs of users and the necessity to preserve the completeness of spatial data it is difficult to recommend any serious limitations of the list of objects included in TBD. In the renowned objektarteenkatalog W. The advantage of considering a transcription in IPA in the gazetteer is pointed already out in previous sections. These software tools are called gazetteer-services.

Evaluation of exemplary sources Littoral Toponyms and Water-Names A special challenge to the gazetteer service was the fast-changing geomorphology of the coastal area. Falschfahrten auf Autobahnen, Schlussbericht, Beyond objekrartenkatalog, the gazetteer-service should be made available as an independent service.

Errors, which have been noticed after publishing, were edited, and toponyms determined by Falkson [16] were added.

[75] – Digitales Landschaftsmodell

Wichmann Verlag, Heidelberg, p. Read View source View history. The quality criteria utilized for evaluation of geometric accuracy absolute and relative positional accuracy of the map data are presented in this work. The investigated map data products have achieved a higher level of accuracy than specified in literature:

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