Army Alpha Examination; U.S. Army Alpha Intelligence Test The Army Alpha [5] was developed shortly after the United States entered World War I by an. Army Alpha and Army Beta intelligence testing were crucial in assessing and classifying individual soldiers during World War I. This testing. The correlation of Army Alpha with academic marks in high schools and military academies yields an appreciably higher correlation for the latter group.

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Researchers often use the Greek letters alpha and beta to differentiate between two versions of the same test.

Please contact the publisher regarding any further use of this work. From this study of the results, the nonverbal group examination beta was prepared for examiners to make a rapid survey of the 30 percent who either could not read English or read it too slowly.

If it correlates highly it deserves much weight.

Army Alpha – Wikipedia

Army Group Examination Alpha: The grade norms extend from the fourth grade through the elementary, high school, and college level. Thermometers are useful because They regulate temperature They tell us how warm it is They contain mercury A machine gun is more deadly than a rifle, tsst it Was invented more recently Fires more rapidly Can be used with less training For these next two items, examinees first had to unscramble the words to form a sentence, and then indicate if the sentence was true or false.

This is the Beta version of the Stanford-Binet intelligence test, which was created by Lewis Terman, a professor of education at Stanford University. At first the news was not encouraging.

Revising the Test | Facing History and Ourselves

Science History Publications, ; and Donald N. On the other hand, all of these testers were members of the community of professional psychologists and thus expected to follow the dictates and practices that gave that community its definition. The illiterates are sent directly to the Army Beta room.


The beta test practically eliminated this factor and was thus a step further in selecting those of low intelligence. It offered eugenicists a more reliable, less costly, and more efficient way of measuring the mental abilities of large groups of people.

They were the first written IQ tests to gain respect, and they provided essential technology for implementing the hereditarian ideology that advanced … the testing and ranking of all children. Forts Devens, Dix, Lee, and Taylor. Macmillan,esp. Chief of Staff, memo to Adjutant General, 18 Feb.

Literacies on a Human Scale Chapter 2: Men who fail jntelegence the alpha were sent to the Army Beta in order that injustice by reason of relative unfamiliarity with English may be avoided. Even though, as ofthe efficiency report form asked for an assessment of “intelligence and judgment shown in instructing, drilling, and handling men,” this was intelegencce taken as an opportunity to remark on the officer’s intelligence in general, and indeed seems always to have been read as asking how well the officer handled enlisted men.

Army Alpha

Knowledge and Learning Chapter 8: This is accomplished by having all men who cannot read and write their own letters and those who have not proceeded beyond the fifth grade in school step out of the original group. Testimony by other officers can also be found in this file. Atwell did a small study on the relationship of scores and errors based on the results of administration of the “Army Alpha”.

Given an army where “large groups of green men are put into the hands of Company officers, themselves of limited experience,” testing seemed to have a practical function. He then, under military discipline, follows directions to the best of his ability. First, many be- lieved that intelligence tests were not necessary, that there existed sufficient oppor- tunities to observe one’s subordinates during the early days of training camp for time- honored military methods of evaluation and placement to be practical.

Their scheme included three types of tests. As the military began to understand and accept the new psychological knowledge it had allowed within its midst, and thus as the authority of that knowl- edge grew, it was the military that became alphha, and “intelligence” that pushed the transformation.


Psy- chologists thus could not simply impose their knowledge on the military; rather, intelegnce had to persuade various members of the officer corps that psychological conceptions of “intelligence” were either better than or at least the same as military notions. Check your answers and then compare your score with those of your classmates. General, ; Agencies and Departments: Thorndike had long believed in the composite, heterogeneous character of intelligence, and thus he argued that each context demanded its own measure of mental ability.

In America, it was the spread during the late nineteenth and early twen- tieth centuries, especially among the educated and cultural elite, of the scientistic culture known as Progressivism, often heavily tinged with eugenical ideas, that en- gendered and embodied this transformation.

They worked almost continually for a month, devising, selecting, and adapting methods.

The items are arranged in order of difficulty as empirically determined. The tests have told the truth. Add or Edit Playlist. Didactic Literacy Pedagogy Chapter 4: Not only were intelligence tests administered to new recruits for at least a year after the Armistice, but in the army commissioned a new set of tests specifically designed for illiterate and non-English-speaking recruits, and it also used intelligence scores in a large study of the relationship between low mentality and the criminal or nonmilitary behavior linked to breaches of discipline.

Even more unusual, however, was the orientation of the test toward the production of quantified results completely objectively determined. The examination papers were quickly scored by means of stencils, and mental ratings recorded for prompt report.

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