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To date, no funds, except for steroids, which would be so efficient and helped gain a lot of muscle in such a short period of time. Without steroids hardly have been able to achieve such high performance endurance, power, agility, reaction. Steroids increase the human capabilities that were inherent in a limited way. But the side effects of steroids is what haunts every athlete, because every coin has its flip side. To reduce the impact of negative effects, you first need to meet them.

Why do Steroids Have Side Effects

It would seem that the steroids are the same hormones that are in our body so why from anabolic steroids can get side effects? The fact that the hormones secreted by our glands exist in certain proportions, and dosage. The so-called anabolic cycle, which is responsible for protein synthesis and muscle growth, also needs a certain amount of hormones. And the sportsmen, wishing to continue building muscle, drink a dose that is not provided by the body. Another important point is the number of steroids contains substances which cause intoxication of the liver and kidneys, faithful servants filters of our body.

I must say that the side effects of anabolic steroids can reduce and even prevent if you follow a strict recommendations and rules of reception of anabolics, finally, if you choose the right treatment based on individual characteristics of the organism. There are so-called General preventive measures:

  • use only a low dose;
  • avoid highly allergenic courses;
  • choose those drugs that are not toxic to the liver and kidneys;
  • all the time to take a blood test;
  • follow the diet;
  • active sports and constantly increase loads.

The Rules Use of Steroids

You can’t take steroids for those people, whose age has not reached the age of 23. In the first years of life the body grows and develops. Starting from the age of 14, developing his hormones and anabolic steroids can cause irreversible damage to the young man: change the hormonal balance and stop the growth. Under the influence of hormones, women suffer high masculinization. Also steroids are illegal for people with heart disease, renal insufficiency, hypertension, tumors.

Common Side Effects of Steroids

Drugs for muscle mass can help athletes to obtain a beautiful body and to build muscles, but they have their drawbacks. The biggest of them is the complete or partial termination of the production of testosterone. As our body sees no more need to produce a hormone (he comes by artificial means), its production is terminated. Unfortunately, this effect is often unavoidable for those who are taking anabolic agents. Endocrine system gives the signal that the body to an increased concentration of hormones. In order to achieve endocrine balance, the body ceases to excrete testosterone. And once the authorities stops to allocate, they are not needed, which can lead to atrophy.

The second side effect of intoxication and liver damage (destruction). The liver is damaged due to the tableted drugs that are toxic to internal organs. Today it is established that liver damage only if used excessively high doses, for example, exceed a dosage 10 times. Moreover, it should be noted that liver tissue has the ability to recover. If you do not exceed the dose, and the rules of taking steroids during the course, drink restorative drugs and tests, the liver can cure the damaged cells themselves.

Sale of steroids is the main focus of our store. But our team knows that it is equally important to warn athletes about such side effects as gynecomastia. This effect is expressed by the growth of the mammary glands, so the men simply begins to grow female breast. Gynecomastia is caused by estrogen. To avoid this side effect simply it is not necessary to abuse products containing this hormone. If there is a need to take these drugs, it should be written right course that will never cause a similar effect. Gynecomastia is irreversible and is treated only surgically.

Acne, oily skin and acne is another side effect that is so upsetting to athletes. Unfortunately, anabolic steroids affect the secretion of fat skin. Active secretion of fat wasplay the hair follicles, forming acne. To avoid this, you need to constantly care for the skin and drink the drugs that normalize the secretion of the skin. We recommend you to care for your skin and not to forget about the diet. Another side effect, which is so often found – cholesterol and atherosclerosis. To prevent the effect, it is necessary to follow a diet, drink fish oil and omega-3, eat less fatty foods of animal origin.

Often from taking anabolics in athletes, increased blood pressure, delayed in the body nutrients that in excess can cause diseases of blood vessels. However, these side effects can be eliminated if you add a course Metoprolol. It is important not to forget about the kidneys which carry out filtration of the blood. Anabolic steroids themselves do not affect the kidney, but those, in turn, cleansing the body, unable to experience their negative effects. Lately in magazines write a lot about the fact that anabolic steroids cause aggression and depression. This happens in the case if the person itself is very aggressive. Another common negative effect – alopecia and hair loss.

Another common side effect of taking steroids is cardiac growth and hypertrophy of the genital organs. Sexual appetite is the most common phenomenon among athletes. However, easy excitability men and women are not welcome as it can reveal itself in time. With regard to such effects as a reduction of the genital organs, brain damage, addiction is a myth, born of people not versed in science.